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Tuesday January 23rd 2018

People with disabilities facing challenges in our modern economy

Dear Gilbert,

I came across your website while doing some research about employment issues. It is great effort in this Transitioning society you are driving.

I read an article in the papers yesterday and was pondering about the disadvantaged individuals in our society.  And how they would cope in the next few years.

While it is not exactly the PMETs situation or directly the foreign talent policy which affects people with disabilities (PwDs), they too, are facing a very uncertain future.

MINDS just laid off about half of their workforce in one of their operating units, due to the loss of a SIA contract.

However, the larger part of such redundancy stories are mostly linked to technology and, I reckon, many of our PwDs are not catching up with it.

I know a PwD who lost his job as a lift operator at Sim Lim Tower some 8 or 10 years back. In fact, the work he did was a charity job to begin with.

But nevertheless, it was able to keep him (gainfully) employed. However, he hasn’t been able to land another job.

Another disadvantaged friend works in a production of packing of greeting cards.  And moving cartons of boxes.

I shared with him about moving up the value chain so as to keep pace with the industry.

One way to do so is to learn using a computer.  He was however, reluctant, perhaps due to various physical challenges.

Many of these PwDs I came across fall into this category.  And many of them are in their 40s or 50s, still relatively young with perhaps another 2 to 3 more decades of lifespan to go.

And with the exacerbation of foreign labour, some argued, it might make the situation more unfavourable for our PwDs.

Anyway, shared a link below for your reading reference.

Gary Tan

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3 Responses to “People with disabilities facing challenges in our modern economy”

  1. sal says:

    If PwD job is taken away by FWs, we need to vote for another party to gov the city. How can these PwDs survive as these jobs are created specially for them.

  2. shall not be named says:

    SO TRUE!!!!!! OSTRACIZED!!!!!!!

  3. Government must see how important it is for those people to find a job and what is more important – to be able to keep it. They have to move up the chain in order to have a brighter future!

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