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Friday January 25th 2019

Fake Talent: Senior IT foreign manager unsure about difference between LAN and WAN

Dear Returning Singapore,

I am glad you really gave local applicants fair chances to be chosen for interviews.

Thanks for reminding Singaporeans to get out of their complacency but I feel that you story carries a strong message that our local IT graduates are inferior to the foreigners.

You are lucky if the foreigner you have given the job to is really up to your expectation.

I am saying this because I have worked with a foreigner who was formerly a senior IT Manager in his country(which is one of the less developed Asean country) and I found out he did not know the difference between a LAN and WAN.

He must have knew his own limited knowledge and that’s why he went to took up a course in networking from our local polytechnic.

Nothing personal against this person, I just wish to let you know that, I do not have good results from my Uni education, have never climbed up to the IT Manager position but I know the difference between LAN and WAN.

I have worked with many foreigners in my past employment and have met the good and the bad. Not every company or department head values “attitude, enthusiasm, energy”.

For me, my ex-head, a foreigner (yes and do not have a IT degree or even certificate) always dislike me giving suggestions to improve the systems and the existing work procedures, he suppressed my enthusiasm to the extend of scolding me whenever I suggest any change.

That was really depressing. Now I am doing freelancing.


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3 Responses to “Fake Talent: Senior IT foreign manager unsure about difference between LAN and WAN”

  1. sal says:

    Sporeans get con by FWs qualification and resumes. They will ask Sporeans to teach them as much as possible and sell themselves to the bosses, and Sporeans get the boot when restructuring.

  2. Texas says:

    Likewise … our ministers know how to count millions but cannot count with their fingers !!!

  3. shall not be named says:

    Employers prefer foreigners to locals!!!!!

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