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Saturday January 27th 2018

Filipina EP holder with Indian wife S-Pass holder on combined income of $8500/month enquiring on PR rejection


I am a Filipina EP holder working in Singapore as purchasing manager salary SGD$4800.00/ married to Indian guy who is S-PASS operation manager salary SGD$4000.00/ both working in Singapore for almost 8 years. We have 1 child who is currently in Singapore.

We just got our rejection letter for PR yesterday. after 3 months and 10 days. It is really heart-breaking as we are both looking forward for the future of our child here in Singapore.

Sadly in the rejection letter no stated that we can apply again – only we can continue to reside with our current passes.

We are serving the community since 2007 as RED CROSS VOLUNTEERS etc as we both love doing and helping others.

No criminal record.

Please advise can we appeal? When?


This note is taken from one of our comments posted on our site. We are unable to assist them as this is a matter for ICA. Note the good salaries our foreigners are getting these days – can such jobs be given to local Singaporeans instead? Many are struggling with dead-end jobs such as driving cabs 24/7 in order to survive. More than 200,000 Singaporeans earn $1000 and below and are struggling to get by.

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4 Responses to “Filipina EP holder with Indian wife S-Pass holder on combined income of $8500/month enquiring on PR rejection”

  1. 'ft" says:

    these two “ft” didn’t want to mention that for years they have been sending a big percentage of their monthly salaries back to their own countries.

  2. Christine says:

    1st – To the writer and her Indian husband;

    Just because you have been in Spore for many years and that you are volunteering with our charities, do not mean that both of you have better chances of achieving PR. Everything is assessed on case by case basis. I have had foreigner friends who are in respectable high paying professional roles, who have lived in Spore for many years, who after several attempts at PR application, have not still attain SPR yet. ICA does not give you actual reasons, if any, for their rejection of your application. All I can say to you is – Just keep trying.

    2nd – Editor’s comment on so called high salaries of these 2 foreigners;

    What these 2 foreigners are earning as Purchasing Manager and Operations Manager are significantly below market rate by at least $1,000 each. I think they are certainly getting decent good salaries.

    Note that many employers still prefer hiring Sporeans over foreigners because of simpler and more straight forward hiring process. And having own people is always better than the ‘outsiders’.

    By the way, it is equally expensive to hire a foreigner, with the hefty levies and minimum salary cap employers have to pay every month. That is why employers often prefer Sporeans instead.

    However, in many situations it is not that employers do not want to hire Sporeans. It is the Sporeans who do not want the jobs which they as below market price or beneath them. What can these employers do? Continue searching for unrealistic goals and have their business wither? They have no choice but to hire the foreigners to fulfill the jobs which Sporeans do not want to take up for whatever reasons.

    While there certainly are employers who prefer to fire foreigners, many do not adhere the same idea and still prefer our local market instead. So don’t always blame the employers for hiring foreigners. Many a times Sporeans’ refusal to take up employment are the reasons why these employers have to engage foreigners instead.

  3. sal says:

    @ Chicai, why dont you n wife join the PA organisaton. You’ll know a lot of credible people there.

  4. shall not be named says:

    Just wait for your turn! Or you can go back home! Stop stealing locals’ jobs! We are worse off!!!!!!!!

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