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Monday January 22nd 2018

15-year-old student seeking assistance for mum and frustrated with inflexibility of Comcare policies

Dear Mr Lye (PAP branch),

I refer to our brief conversation last Sunday during your house visit which you asked to be emailed  again concerning our 2 unresolved issues.

On the SSO side, I would like to inform you of the inflexibility and rudeness of their staff who always never fail to blame government policies for their failure to help those in need.

In their letter on 7 Apr, they stated it is due to fact that my single mother is able to single handedly purchase our flat from HDB and pay our monthly bills without any arrears, put me through tuition (with subsidies), my educational insurance as well as wanting us to drive our father up the wall by taking him to Court.

I would like to say that my father (who lives at Bedok Reservoir) is not having a good time either. My parents are divorced.

He approached the same SSO who told him they are unable to help as he is still ‘able’ to afford the rent. The RC there also refused to entertain his request for “ComCare” as a result.

Regarding the Cuffz Holdings problem, we have not heard from your lawyer.

Meanwhile, we learnt that the company has since changed its name to “Islandia” and continuing with their fradulent activities.

Their former staff, Mr Chan Wai Meng and another “M K Chin” proudly told my mother yesterday when she inquired about her monies that the government cannot do anything to them as there are  no laws here governing investments or fixed deposit and that the government is on their side too, due to a given award “recognising” their “entrepreneurial” spirit.

I am really shocked beyond words and am wondering to myself when I come of age if such is the kind of society I will want when I enter the workforce.

Yours faithfully,
Serene Lim

Editor’s note: We have visited the family and provided them with our grocery pack. The family also has a primary school going autistic kid. We will be placing them on our regular grocery run in future. The PAP branch to their credit also delivered $100 NTUC voucher to the family.

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2 Responses to “15-year-old student seeking assistance for mum and frustrated with inflexibility of Comcare policies”

  1. sal says:

    This gov body should be helping citizens who having problems. They should be symphatize on people who have probelms in their daily life coping with the cost of living.

  2. anthony says:

    Lots of people stay on in a job they don’t like cos they can’t afford to lose the job. Divorce is the same, as much a personal decision as a financial decision. Lot’s of people also stayed on in their marriage even though they are not happy, cos of one reason or another, maybe kids, maybe financial. If your parents made a decision to divorce, and end up in dire straits, why is it the government’s or HDB’s fault? HDB’s regulations and restrictions has been there for the longest time. (There were quite a few mails on the HDB issue recently) They made the decision to split, so they have to live with the consequences. It’s because of the crybaby citizens that we have a nanny state that interferes in whatever we do.

    As for the investment issue, hope you learn from their experience and never go for any get rich quick schemes. Educate yourself and one day you might learn who are the greatest conmen and parasites of modern society.

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