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Friday January 19th 2018

Divorcee lamented at inability to buy BTO flat and money stucked with funds ran by senior ex-civil servant

Dear Sir/Mdm,

Thank you for your response.

I am now at my wits end and hope you can kindly help to highlight my difficulties as I’ve already seen my WP MP many times but suspect that the PAP government is deliberately ignoring his appeals.

I am a divorcee who is presently renting a flat in the open market as HDB has disallowed my BTO  application due to custody being awarded to my ex-wife who has since purchased a flat in another part of Aljunied GRC with my children.

There’s no animosity between us and I try to visit my children as much as I can, with one of them being autistic.

In fact, MSF Bedok has been coaxing my ex-wife to sue me even after she repeatedly refused to, knowing my situation and MSF responded by saying they will refuse to help her unless she takes me to Court. Its no wonder there are so many broken families in Singapore.

With whatever savings we have, we also contracted it into a 2-year FD with former MAS director Harold Fook who runs “Boss S’pore Pte Ltd” and “CH Assets Pte Ltd”.

When we tried to retrieve our monies last May after the maturity period, we were told we are unable to get back our monies and have to re-contract it into another of Harold’s project called ” Islandia”.

But when we refused to, we were thrown out by their security at Boat Quay and we  then reported the matter to police.

We later found out that the first batch of police reports were filed as early as June 2013 and then only did MAS move to blacklist the company after refusing to do so since 2005.

This continuing “ball rolling” game is being played out by MAS, CAD and ACRA with each redirecting the conplaints to the other for ‘follow-up action’ while numerous victims of CH Assets can only suck thumb after our monies were siphoned out of Singapore into neighbouring Malaysia where they’re all now operating after being conferred titleships of “JP” and “Datuks” respectively.

They have since ceased operations here.

This case is extremely appalling, given its deliberate long stall and senior ex- civil servants involved but when it comes to political opponents such as my AHPETC, Amos Yee, Roy Ngerng, the lovely Ms Ai Takagi etc., the PAP goverment will be very swift to nib what they perceive as problems in their bud!

VTO 2016,
William Lim

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  1. sal says:

    The gov body should help these group of people especially single parents, divorcee, retiree in difficult situation to restart their life in getting cheap flat. Hope future party that govern the city will be more compassionate and sympathy to these group.

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