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Sunday January 14th 2018

Caucasian expat agrees with hiring Singaporeans first and that PAP should be overthrown for it’s pro-foreigner policies

I have lived and worked in Singapore for more than 5 years and have visited the country for more than ten years; but I agree with the local Singaporeans (I am a Caucasian).

I feel the PAP is doing a great disservice to the local Singaporeans. Why?

Because I have 25 years of work experience in IT and in my last few roles here (all of them contract) I have found it impossible to get a permanent job, in every interview and in each role, my colleagues competing with me directly for the role or who are actually managing me, are Indonesians, Pinoys or China Mainlanders.

I do not understand the policies of a government that is destroying the hopes and aspirations of its own citizens.

Yes, I have worked in Singapore before.

While my field is fairly specialised, I am the first to admit that younger, skilled grads both local citizens and foreigners, deserve the job I am seeking and mainly, because they have the skills and are much younger (usually 1/2 my age).

My point is simple: I came here to build a relationship with my girlfriend and we later married; but I worked in China for more than 2 years after I came here, because getting a job in Singapore is very difficult and I disagree that this is ONLY true for local Singaporeans.

It seems there are just VERY FEW good jobs on offer in Singapore because the market IS SO SMALL.

Having said this, why does your PAP Government even allow Pinoys and Indos to take PR and then take SENIOR MANAGEMENT JOBS?

These jobs (which are the same jobs I am competing for) are in EXTREMELY LIMITED SUPPLY and, in my opinion, should be RESERVED EXCLUSIVELY for local citizens and foreigners should be told to fxxx off.

You see, while I compete with Pinoys, Indonesians, Indians and Chinese (not locals) for these jobs, I have seen on many occasions that my interviewer is actually NOT EVEN A LOCAL SINGAPORE CITIZEN.

I think this is a damnable policy and the PAP should be overthrown for it.


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8 Responses to “Caucasian expat agrees with hiring Singaporeans first and that PAP should be overthrown for it’s pro-foreigner policies”

  1. sal says:

    @ Sam, why don’t you become a citizen? Who knows your job scope will be bigger including the civil service.

  2. Al says:

    Exactly. 100% agree what u have written. But there is 1 issue, our gahmen HR even accept fake degree certificates so how to compete with these f…trashes. And also the 60% Sinkaporean who voted for the miws, these bunch still haven’t awaken & remain kiasi, kiachenghu. And the recent effort of silencing dissenters by suing, closing alternative voices websites. Its an uphill task to overturn the Leegime. Nevertheless I still believe that the miws doomsday is coming very soon perhaps the next GE.

  3. Seet Henry says:

    For all unjustly treated Singaporeans please have the fire in you to fight for yourself and your fellow citzens. Do it the right way and take up the challenge in the political arena and free the neglected. Do it the proper way and avoid all the pitfalls that fell the past politicians.

    Good luck and may you be the new Liberators.

  4. Christine says:

    This is obviously written by a Singaporean pretending to be a Caucasian. I think it is rather low having to stoop to that.

  5. xyz says:

    The biggest problem with employment in Singapore is due to the lax legs-open policy of letting in FTrash without much QC, just as long as companies willing to pay foreign levies and FTrash willing to accept low salaries.

    The above situation has led to:
    1) Ageism — employers prefer to hire young workers, since 20+ yr old workers are easily available from over 2 Billion people in China, India, Filipines, Indonesia, Burma.

    2) Wage suppression, as to most cheena, ahneh, peenoy, Burmese — a simple salary of $2000 is equal to 12 months to 20 months salary back in their home countries. FTrash are more than happy to accept such low wages since $2000 is already more than 10X a graduate’s pay in their home countries.

    3) Erosion of workers’ rights. 15-20 years ago, it was harder for companies to simply sack workers, or to put workers on permanent contract position. Even if retrenched, companies previously will compensate 1 month salary for every year worked at the company. Nowadays with millions of cheap workers to choose from, companies have no qualms to fire people like using toilet paper to wipe backside. And these days, less & less companies are giving proper retrenchment benefits, as the law doesn’t make it compulsory.

  6. CQC says:

    shiok. angmo powah! we need the great white hype to tell us this! we are this stoopig? maybe we need ben affleck to tell us were racist and we should give all our jebs to foreigners only because they miniority amirite?

  7. Sg says:

    This article is clearly written by a singaporean.

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