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Thursday January 24th 2019

Press release: Labour day protest 1st May from 4pm to 7pm – Speakers’ Corner

Dear Friends from the Press,We are organising a labour day protest on 1st May and this will be our third one as all along in the past any labour day event is commemorated by NTUC, the government-controlled tripartite national union.We felt that any labour day event should be organised ground up by the workers themselves who know what are the pertinent issues that bother them.In this labour day protest, entitled “Workers’ rights are human rights”, there are much to talk about and a mixture of opposition politicians, activists and ordinary Singaporeans will go to the stage to share their concerns.

Its also the first post-Lee Kuan Yew event held by any activists and we hope to see a good crowd size on that day.

The speaker list is as follows:-

1. Dr Ang Yong Guan – Chairman of SIngaporean First Party
2. Kenneth Jeyeretnam – Sec Gen of Reform Party
3. William Lim – Exco asst treasurer of Singapore Democratic Alliance
4. Fatimah Akhtar – architect and activist
5. Frankie Low – businessman and politician
6. Daryl Sim – undergraduate from a local university
7. Mary Goh – retired school teacher
8. Eugene Wong – IT specialist turned F & B worker
9. Leong Sze Hian – financial wizard and activist

Kwan Yue Keng is our regular MC for the day.

Chief on most people’s mind now will be the emergence of fake degrees and the apparent acceptance by employers eg IDA.

MOM and ICA, the official authorities most directly related to the saga, have chose to cleverly remain silent on this explosive matter that irks many Singaporeans.

Fake degree is like a malignant cancer that will spread and destroy every good meritocratic thing our country has grown to be proud of. It’s acceptance not only shake the very foundation of our society but frustrate the many thousands of jobless local professionals who now believe that they are competing with fakes.

After the passing of the population white paper in 2013, local Singaporeans suffer from stiff competition provided by cheaper hungrier foreign workers from third world countries bent on making Singapore their home.

Likewise, in order to satisfy the growing foreign investment pool for economical manpower need, the government has gradually smoothened the work permit process and even spouses of foreign talents are allowed to work now.

Our strong Singapore currency also attracted many foreigners to our shore and who can resist a $2000 income if it is translated into RM$5400 per month even though he has to work 12 hours a day 6 days a week?

More seriously, we have seen more younger professionals seeking our assistance during this crucial period and what is used to be a 40-something problem has probably grown into a national one affecting everyone.

There is also a growing sense of restlessness especially among the growing pool of young graduates who don’t feel belonged now and are increasingly looking at greener pastures abroad.

There are about 300,000 Singaporeans working and living abroad now and the brain drain does not seem to abate anytime soon.

As Singaporeans await the next soon-coming general election, most will probably vent their frustration at the polls instead of taking to the streets.
That will probably be a more accurate indication of their sentiment with the current regime’s policies.

Note: There will be a short press conference at the park after the event  probably at 7pm when all the speakers have finish their speeches.

Thanks & Warmest Regards,

Gilbert Goh
Event organiser


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