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Sunday January 14th 2018

35-year-old Singaporean appealing for assistance to HDB for 3-room BTO flat to no avail


Dear Sir/Madam,

I’m writing to you this email in the hope of getting a flat for my family. My wife and I are currently staying in a HDB rental flat.

We have been coming down to HDB couple of times to talk to your officers with regard to our situation. Every time, our appeal is being turn down.

We applied for HDB Loan Eligibility (HLE) loan and got approved for $164,100. Our combined CPF is about $31,000.

As I am a second timer, I am not entitled to a grant. My wife is allowed to take half grant. We are looking to purchase a 3-room flat.

Our application for Nov 2014 sale of balance flat exercise was unsuccessful.

We asked for a change in location to Yishun for the sale of balance exercise but this was also turn down.

Our branch office for rental said we are not eligible for low rental due to our income and now we have to pay $350 every month.

I don’t find it reasonable to pay so much for a rental flat. I would be happier paying $350 or even more for my own flat.

We have sought MP Indranee‘s help to appeal on our behalf for a higher loan to purchase a 3 room flat in open market.

Outcome is still not known yet. Our current HLE officer is Miss Christin Ho.

We have 3 kids aged 10, 9 and 4 years old. My wife is expecting to deliver our 4th child in July 2015.

Looking at my children’s condition, I need to get a maid to look after my kids as my wife and I have to work.

We don’t have family support as my wife is an orphan and I am not on talking terms with my family members. The current location where we are staying also has a lot of drug addicts and drunkards.

I feel insecure for my kids to grow up in such an environment. Currently, my 10-year-old daughter is taking care of her little brother and sister at home on Saturdays as my wife and I are working.

We are taking a big risk by leaving the kids at home alone. If anything were to happen to my kids, who is going to be answerable for it Sir/Madam?

For my kids’ future, my wife and I are struggling to buy our own flat in a better environment. We have waited for a very long period to purchase a flat and have made so many appeals, but your officers are not giving us a chance.

I am already 35 years old this year. I will be 40 years old and my newborn will be 4 years old if I apply for a BTO and need to wait for another 5 years.

For the current situation, we can no longer hold on to this rental flat as my kids need someone to look after them while my wife and I are working.

If I were to get someone local to look after my kids, I can’t afford to pay them as it will cost more than a foreign maid.

Our first HLE officer is Mdm Tan Poh Lin. I have spoken to her numerous times on my family situation and my commitment to purchase a flat. She has been a great help in getting other officers to reply to my calls and appeals, although she can’t do much to help me.

Mdm Victoria Vanessa from the sales of department is the one handling my appeal for change in location for my sale of balance.

Our first meeting at HDB turned out to be a sour moment as she was not willing to listen to my problems and situation. She just left the room saying she can’t talk to me anymore.

The security guard came in to talk to me and I explained the problem to him. After he went to talk to them, Mdm Victoria came back again to talk to me and said that she will make an appeal on behalf of me for a change of location to Yishun for sales of balance.

The letter she wrote and ask me to sign did not state the reason why I needed the transfer to another location nor on our family situation despite my explanation. As a management level staff, I don’t expect such a behavior from her, walking away in the middle of the conversation.

All I want is a home for my family. As a Singapore citizen, I believe we have our rights and can be given priority on cases by cases basis to purchase a flat of our own.

My wife and I are going through mental torture because of this house issues. I really hope there will be someone to answer our appeal.

In the event this appeal is also not going to be answered, then I have to take the next step in bringing my kids and wife and walked down to Istana to see Mr President of Singapore Republic.

We really beg the HDB to give us a home of our own Asap. Thank you so much for taking your time to read my appeal Sir/Madam.

Will be waiting for your reply soon.


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5 Responses to “35-year-old Singaporean appealing for assistance to HDB for 3-room BTO flat to no avail”

  1. qwertr says:

    Maybe I get the story wrong, he is a second timer and is apply new BTO flat and is asking for reduction of his $350 Rental flat.

    What happen to the first HDB flat?

  2. xyz says:

    Vijaya, if you go to istana, pappies will lock you up for demonstrating and illegal gathering. They will also charge you for instigating riot.

    Sale of balance is quite hot & competitive, usually oversubscribed.

    You should go for the pure BTO. How many such BTOs you tried already? The chances are much higher, even for 2nd timers.

    Also by insisting on semi-mature estate like Yishun, you are going to pay higher flat prices. Why not go for the pure BTO in Sengkang or Punggol which are much cheaper?

    Your problem now is money and to earn more money. Therefore it is important to be able to save more money.

    If you have money issues, why want to have 4th kid? Are your kids doing very well in school, able to earn good salaries later & break out from your poverty cycle? Or will your kids end up stuck in your vicious poverty cycle?

    You say Sat both you & wife working, feel unsafe to leave your kids at home. Then what about Mon-Fr? Also working right?? Unless you’re telling that 1 of you don’t work on Mon-Fri? That goes back to the fundamental problem of money not enough & not being able to increase earning ability.

  3. sal says:

    Maybe you need to write to Minister of Development. About the policies that discriminate locals from getting the cheapest flat in Spore. Are that trying the locals ?

  4. Tan KK says:

    For $350 to rent a flat from HDB is very cheap as compare to rent a room in the open market which is at least $500 to $800. Count yourself lucky to have rented a flat from HDB. Why need a maid to look after your 4 kids? Your wife should stay home and look after them. Everybody have to wait for their turn to have the flat. You are no exception. HDB had to be fair to everyone.

  5. anfrew says:

    i think becos u keep voting for opposition , they have to wait for ur vote so in exchange they make u wait for ue HDB

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