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Friday January 25th 2019

Singaporean complained of difficulty getting Pioneer Generation card for his mother and other assistance

Dear Ms Hamzah, MCI

I am writing to you as I am experiencing difficulties in communicating with your colleagues on the grant of my elderly mother’s “PGP Card”.

The law clearly states that even though my mother only obtained her citizenship after 1987 following a decade of appeals, she nevertheless still qualifies for the card as she has been working and contributing here as a PR since 1963.

All 6 of my siblings are born here!

My second child was born on 16 Nov last year after 10 years of prudent planning and the card will go a long way towards relieving many of my burdens in caring for her.

My other siblings try as much to help but are themselves struggling in this imbalanced society with suppressed or stagnated wages. However, the relentless societal bills will still not go easy on them despite our unleveled playing field with all the odds stacked against us.

My wife tried to get help from SSO for only 3 months as she needs them to help her secure P/T employment but faced rejection instead with sarcastic lettering.

My son’s school (Westview Primary) in conjunction with “CDAD”, rejected our previous application for subsidised tuition as they deemed us too rich after clocking much overtime.

In view of my predicaments,  I hope the pap government can exercise a little flexibility and not look for ways to disqualify needy persons as well as remove the need of computing overtime wages into the total calculation as overtime is a privilege, NOT ENTITLEMENT!

Yours faithfully,
Adam Lim

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5 Responses to “Singaporean complained of difficulty getting Pioneer Generation card for his mother and other assistance”

  1. xyz says:

    Adam, are you writing to some govt employee? If so pls don’t write a complain kpkb long story. They will simply throw into wastebasket or KIV until lampar song-song.

    2. Focus on 1 or 2 important goals you want the govt to help you achieve. E.g. PGP for your mum, & employment for your wife.

    3. Numbering of your paragraphs help govt people. They are used to this format.

    4. Exclude superfluous info such as how many siblings, how life is so tough for your family, need XX years before can have kid etc etc.

    5. Similarly also exclude personal opinions such as “imbalanced society”, “unleveled playing field”.

    6. Good luck.

  2. sal says:

    Tax payers money is their money not meant for the citizens. Old citizens have their kids n not the gov to take caee of them…please for the correct party that will take care of the citizens when they are old n needy.

  3. Christine says:

    Dear Adam,

    Kindly note that the 2 criteria to be eligible for PGP:

    1. Living Singaporeans born on or before 31 Dec 1949.

    2. Living Singaporeans who obtained citizenship on or before 31 Dec 1986.

    Based on the above 2 requirements, your mother clearly does not qualify for PGP.

    Everything else does not matter. The criteria are clearly spelt out. Rules are there for a reason. Kindly do not justify your cause and how much you and your family have put into our country and how sympathetic your family situation is. While we appreciate your effort, you are not the only needy family existing in Singapore, assuming you are truly needy, and not one who is simply trying to push your luck.

  4. VTO says:

    All these rules are unnecessary!

    Govt should do what we say! Rmb who is paying!

    Vote them out!

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