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Wednesday January 16th 2019

Struggling Singaporean woman in her 50s begged for food at foodstall in Boon Lay after CDC rejects assistance

CC Goh Gilbert

To Whom It May Concern,

I have previously appealed through the West Coast GRC MP to obtain assistance from South West CDC but received no fruitful result.

Hence I would like your purported “feedback” channel to highlight with urgency, my current financial predicament and soon-to-be homelessness.

I am in my 50s and struggling with my logistical job to pay off $100k ($590 monthly) towards the DBS housing loan even though I have sustained orthopedic injuries and am recommended by the specialist at NUH to undergo an operation.

I declined the suggestion as that would mean 60 days of hospitalization leave which will see me effectively removed from my position and replaced by another FT at Li & Fung.

The CDC which has already been “programmed”, of course rejected me with their template answer: “after carefully assessed our circumstances and concluded that with careful budgeting, we should be able to manage financially.”.

They do not care that I am in arrears with HDB and living with an unhygienic sanitary condition. I am unable to afford the charges of West Coast Town Council’s plumber to clear the toilet blockages.

My teenage son has to skip ITE this year as I really cannot afford the charges and enrolment fees with its hidden costs.

He has since found a temporary job in this unbalanced job market and I pack wholemeal bread for his lunch and dinner everyday as we both cannot afford the hefty food prices at the food court in Expo.

My skinny son is getting skinnier by the day with our immense difficulties.

The nearby “St Francis of Assisi Church” used to help us but the moment they heard I approached the MP and CDC for aid, they reckon we can cope and terminated whatever assistance they used to render with immediate effect (I’m not a Catholic).

MP appeal to HDB for a joint “Hougang Crimson/Buangkok Vale” BTO with my sister also faced repeated rejection with the rationale that we “do not form a proper family nucleus” and HDB  said we could be  considered only after we become orphans, meaning we have to wait for my mother together with my brother and his family to die first.

I really can’t believe we not only have an inflexible government and a heartless one for that matter.

After all that has been conveyed, I genuinely hope your panel will take a serious view of my distress and grant my sister and I a flat soon.

Yous faithfully,
Ms W H Lim

Additional Note from Ms Lim in a email reply:

Besides the credit balance in my EZ Link Card, I sometimes really have no more money until I have to beg for food at the “Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak Stall” and they graciously provided me with food twice.

But they cannot always be doing so or they will have long queue for charity instead of business.

Editor’s note: we are making plan to visit the family soon to see how best we can assist them. No one will be left behind.

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7 Responses to “Struggling Singaporean woman in her 50s begged for food at foodstall in Boon Lay after CDC rejects assistance”

  1. xyz says:

    Hmmm, she cannot even feed her son & herself, and owes $100K, and has problems performing in her job and may lose her job. But she wants to buy a new BTO flat??? Something smells rotten here.

    The best approach is for HDB to allocate a $100/mth rental flat for her & son & her sister. At the same time, to facilitate the sale of her existing HDB to pay off the mortgage. And then MSF and/or MOH come in with ways or Medifund to finance the orthopaedic operation. Finally MOM & subsidiaries to come in to negotiate with Li & Fung about retaining her job, or if cannot, then to have pathway & timeline to another similar-paying job.

    The above will be how a 1st-world nation will approach such cases & provide holistic help. Unfortunately in S’pore, each ministry & stat board & agency will fark care about you, and kick you from 1 party to another. Not my problem, you die your biz.

    • Thistoo Shallpass says:

      I would like to help but I have similar questions. If she has a full time job at Li and Fung, why does she have to beg for food? Doesn’t she get paid by Li and Fung? I don’t like to agree with CDC but maybe they are right that with good money management she should be able to get by.

  2. sal says:

    Heartless party run heartless gov, its your choice to vote for a party that assist local Sporeans who need helps with high cost of living in Spore especially the lower income. Pray for you and family……Ameen

  3. Manson says:

    People should learn to stand up with their own 2 feet and face the world with dignity. Don’t blame the government for doing it job right. Not to abuse goodwill and charity. No body own us a living.

  4. sal says:

    @ Manson, if the gov can pay ministers $million dollar salary but the commoner is struggling in daily life . Do you think its ok? Policies is impotant to safe guard the citizrns especially the weak but not you, cause you are doing well.

  5. boyan619 says:

    thank you for your feedback. Please drop us an email at so we can follow up with you on your feedback. Thanks!

  6. BK Foo says:

    I stay near and may assist in some way.

    Let me know

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