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Tuesday January 16th 2018

Jobless married PMET sees no future here and ambivalent about switching field

Hi Gilbert,

Sorry to bother you.

I need  support as I’m feeling really down right now.

I am Singaporean, in my mid thirties,  a graduate and jobless for several months.

I left my last employment as a sales personnel with a local engineering SME after my employer got into very serious financial problem and has not been paying wages and CPF for several months.

While I can still survive on my savings for some time, I can’t help but wonder about my future as I have tried to send out applications for jobs on various job portals but to no avail till date.

I do not know if it’s because of my age or my past working experiences not good or relevant enough as compared to other applicants.

This is not the first time I have experienced this, I was once out of a job for 7 months about 3 years ago when my previous employer serving the semiconductor industries run into problems and has to retrench most of their staff including myself.

I am thinking to switch career into a different field as I find that  in my previous field, the future is very bleak as it  is mostly related to the semiconductor industries  and it is  a sunset industry.

But I do not know where can I go from here as many jobs out there require a certain period of relevant experience before one is being considered, and to make matters worse,  I felt that the influx of foreigners competing jobs directly with Singaporeans has greatly reduced our chances of being selected for a job.

I don’t know where I’m going and I don’t see any meaning in life.

I have been staying home most of the time and doesn’t even want to step out of it due to the shame and humiliation of being jobless for so long.

In fact, I’m very much in a downward spiral that I don’t even want to send out resumes anymore because no one will reply to it anyway.

Pressure is building up for me by the day as I feel the strong need to provide for my family, my child is still very young and I have retired parents to take care of financially.

While my wife is still employed presently, the expenses and bills would need to be paid on time and I feel very sorry  my wife  she has to carry this burden for now.

I can’t help but felt really down and hopeless during this period of time I do hope that you can help offer some advice to me on how to get out of this situation right now.

Thank you.


Editor’s note: we will be arranging a session to see the writer next week.

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6 Responses to “Jobless married PMET sees no future here and ambivalent about switching field”

  1. sal says:

    Hi Andy, I was from semiconductor industries before . And now working in an Education industry as technical support. You need to rebound in your situation or maybe move to a city which need your skills.

  2. caramello says:

    Hi Andy, don’t worry you are not alone.

    I’m jobless now also and have been going to interviews without an offer. I went to an average of 3 or more interviews per week for the last 1 year plus without an offer.

    Moreover im not a graduate, am just a poly dip holder. Eversince I graduated from Poly I got a perm role for a French MNC but was asked to leave within 2 months as I wasn’t deemed suitable and has since been out of job too until now. I do not have any formal working experience except for a yr of internship experience.

    I too felt like giving up hope as my parents are getting older and i am not financially stable. My brother works but he doesn’t give me any allowance at all and Im sinking into depression each and everyday as I couldnt see a future in myself.

    The agony of going through unemployment is terrible as you feel that there is no hope for you but sometimes certain things are not within our control.

    We can only try and hope things get better each day we are alive.

    Salute to Gilbert who helps people with unemployment,as this is really a dark phase of life I wish nobody would have to go through.

  3. Ed says:

    Hi Andy,

    Please contact me if you are still looking for a job. I am a founder of a local tech startup, looking for local freelance software resellers. Earn up to 2k in comission per outlet signed. You can email your cv to

  4. Ahmed says:

    I was in operation amd maintenance sectpr for Telecommunication networks. Electrical and Electronic Engineering graduate. Left job due o some issues with my employer, was unemployed for 8 months. Gpt anpther job with gppd pay but ses luck has something more stored for me. Had tp bear the consequences of someone on that org and nearly got black losted in my sector. All my credit cards are over due and a very bad credit rating of my personal loan. Father of a 4 year old daughter. Again unemployed for 1.8 years. My wife works but its not enough to have decent living. Things which were just a choise earlier is a luxiry now. I am 32. I see no hope. Cant commit suicide when I think of my wife amd daighter. My nother won’t help me thoigh she has plenty, rather her concern is her brother and sister. Cant even buy a tpy for my child. Humiliation is my routine. Stopped going out of home. Once I recommended 100s of acquaintances for job but none of them bother to ask how am I today. I want to work. Is there any God?

  5. steven says:

    pls deem the jobless perirod as a dark but necessary time before new job, i was also from semiconductor and retrenched, struggling in finding a job for 5 months, thinking of becoming a part time teacher or even a supermarket helper, to force myself to do sales without a penny salary. but give yourself hope and courage and seriously believe it is unavoidable experience. and the market will be good and Singapore is still growing, there is always opportunity and other area to explore, go ahead with hope and belief.

  6. ed says:

    Thanks Gilbert for this site for ppl going thru or went thru these Dark nights of the soul. The places in our soul that we find strength and overcome. I come back to your site now& then after getting a job. To be content, to be resilient in times we don’t like and to be thankful of the support we had before. Hang on, its always a step away, a meeting away , an application away and a hurdle away to get by to restful shalom.

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