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Thursday February 1st 2018

Jobless homeless lady PMET living in $25/day hostel and feeling despondent

Hi Gilbert,

I got your contact info from Zarina, who said that you might be able to help me get a job and/or help me financially as well.

I’m a freelance editor who’s been out of work for a while.

I have no home of my own, and am currently on govt assistance and staying at various hostels, where the rates vary by day.

I don’t have enough cash to go on living hostel-style, and I haven’t been able to land a daily rated job.

And I don’t exactly feel like I can commit to any monthly rated job or even attend media-related interviews in my current situation, when I don’t even have a stable place to stay or know when the govt assistance is coming in, etc.

Plus, I’m living on limited changes of clothing, with the rest of my stuff at the mover’s. I’m sort of up in the air, if you know what you mean.

As for helping myself, I have already tried to apply for daily rated jobs that I thought I might be able to do.

Other than the media industry, I have no interest or experience in anything else, so I have no idea what else I would do or where I should apply for a “second” career.

I used to temp as various things while I was still in uni, but that was years ago. Recruitment agencies I have approached in recent years for temp assignments have not responded to my applications.

I’m guessing that would because I am no longer a student.

I don’t have any long-term experience in anything other than the media industry. Teaching also did not quite work out for me. I’m not exactly big on kids / teens / the educational system here, for obvious reasons.

As for pursuing any “second” career, so to speak -

1. I have no other interest outside of the media industry, and

2. even if I did get some other job, there would be no way to start it since I have no stable place to stay or even enough clothes to wear, etc. until I got paid.

So I have no way of moving forward.

I don’t know what to do to change this situation and move forward.

I very much want to get my career back on track. I’ve applied for tons of media opportunities, which is where my experience lies, but haven’t been very lucky.

Zarina says that you’ve got a wide network of friends and may be able to work something out for me.

My resume is attached for your reference.

Thanks in advance.


P.S. I’ve already tried writing to the PM’s office, to the HDB, went to one of the Meet-the-MP sessions, etc. There is no way for me to get my own apartment at the moment.

Editor’s note: if you are a employer and require a marketing or PR staff, please let us know so we can forward  you Pam’s resume. I have personally visited Pam last week and found her to be bright and intelligent.

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6 Responses to “Jobless homeless lady PMET living in $25/day hostel and feeling despondent”

  1. Wee Kiat says:

    Hi Gilbert,

    I refer to Pam’s letter published on your website.

    I may be able to offer her good advice on how she can progress herself based on her exact current situation.

    I fully understand her situation and I myself took 3 years to recover from my employment situation and negative market challenges for people my age.

    I can offer her guidance on how to build up her own business with the very skills she has mentioned ; with all the work done at home.

    My number is 96357811. I will be happy to meet her if she is interested to talk.



    Wee Kiat

  2. Wilson says:

    I am sorry to hear she Not willing to move out of her media industry, even temporary to ride out current situation. The F&B, service industry is very short of workers, especially locals.
    With temp job, she can rent hdb room ($400/mth) which is cheaper than hostel.
    Who cares how many change clothes, as long is wash clean daily.
    Moreover media industry would expect her to have more change of clothes.
    She seems a very confused individual. Not willing to help herself.

  3. tcfvgybhunj says:

    “Other than the media industry, I have no interest or experience in anything else, so I have no idea what else I would do or where I should apply for a “second” career.”

    1. Singapore sure can find jobs just that no instant high position jobs for ordinary people to become director, manager and etc. Unless you are real good.

    2. Don’t be choosy, this is the first problem. Now even dishwashers can earn 2k/month for restaurant ones. Everyday people are publishing jobs looking for employees on the newspaper, where is there logic here of no jobs? Tell your employers that you have reside problem, see if they able to help you.

    3. If all can’t work just go be FL or rent a hotel room at geylang. One customer is enough to pay for your daily rental. Since you have media industry experience, just go sleep with a movie director or something if you are pretty enough. Confirm don’t have to work and able to help your husband/sugar daddy out.

    4. Go to any NPC and punch the officers there or simply get a cardboard and write nasty things against the gov and stand outside some gov buildings. Confirm get free food and lodging.

  4. australia mate says:

    Beggars can’t be choosers

  5. Vincent Vijay says:

    Yo Jobless/Homeless Person (Blink),

    I have been through worse than your situation during my teenage years till my late 20s.

    There are jobs in SG, it is up to u to pick up, do it n move on in life.

    I was left in the streets by my own parents at the age of 17.

    I worked any job to survive till National Service n after that it was a nightmare for me, no support n no place to stay, went to shelters to reside till pay day, saved whatever I could n moved on till I managed to get my own rental room…till today and after all those years, I am where I am today…God is Great.

    The Street was my home, public washrooms were my place of privacy n buns/biscuits/chips were my meals…

    I value Life n i dun care what the society says, it is all up to u…Ur Life, take control BUT ever be choosy otherwise, the game will be over…

    The choice is yours.

  6. Francis says:

    Hi Pam, I may have something for you. Kindly contact me at and leave your contact number if interested. Thank you.

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