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Monday January 15th 2018

Jobless father with masters degree requesting for financial assistance for sick baby girl requiring surgery

Dear Gilbert,

My name is Sam and perhaps you can remember me from our short meeting a few years ago. We had a discussion over a meal  when I was still the Head of Sales and Marketing in the company.

Anyway, ever since I have left my former company, I have had difficulties securing another job (both at the same level and other more junior positions). Seeing no prospect here, I went to venture into business in Indonesia since 2013.

My newborn daughter Minmin arrived 17/10/2014 prematurely and have intestinal perforation (intestinal puncture) and is in critical condition. Without the necessary surgery, I fear that her little life will be in peril.

However, since she has been in and out of the hospital since late November last year, I have exhausted all my savings on her medical bills and now I badly need help with her surgery costs. I do not know where else to try looking for money. I have already resorted to begging and borrowing from everyone I know but I am still short.

I am currently back in Singapore (and am working valet at night so that I can receive daily cash without having to contribute CPF) to help with whatever expenses but at the rate I am earning my daughter’s condition cannot wait.

I have attached pictures to this email, and hopefully you remember who I am and see the condition of my little girl. If there is any way you can start a donation drive for her medical expenses, we will be very grateful for your help. I have already started crowdfunding but it is not working for us.


PS:  I have met Sam this afternoon in my office and verified that his story is true. If you are keen to donate to Sam for the operation of his baby girl please donate to OCBC 628-188443-001.  Sam is married to a Indonesian Chinese and the baby is now hospitalised in Medan. They need $16,000 for the surgery but cherish any amount that can be collected. Sam has a masters degree and is in his 30s but could not get any full-time work while he is back in Singapore.

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  1. Manson says:

    Sam should send his child back to Singapore and be see at the government hospital to get subside rate and also get medical social worker to file for assistance. Why seek treatment at Indonesia?

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