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Tuesday January 22nd 2019

Singaporean Indian working in India faces difficulties relocating back to Singapore

Greetings Gilbert

I am a Singaporean based in India for the last 17 years.

My parents are old and I want to return to Singapore to take care of my aged parents, but have been unsuccessful in getting employment.

I’m employed in Chennai, India. I am separated and have a daughter to support.

Hence am unable to stay in Singapore for long period and also take no pay leave as I cant leave my daughter alone and have to take care of my home, my responsibilities as a mother as well as my financial responsibilities.

If I get a suitable position in Singapore, once I receive the confirmed appointment letter, then I can resign my job here and move back home.

I have registerd with various job portals and have been applying to advertised jobs for the last 3 years with no success.

Only ONE recruitment staff was kind enough to respond saying “Sorry we are unable to process your application since you will not be able to attend the interview in person.”

In this age of technology, people worldwide are attending interviews over skype, video conference, etc but I am not even offered that option.

I am a  Singaporean Indian in my early fifties with more than 30 years working experience as an Secretary/Personal Assistant/Executive Secretary/Admin Assistant/Executive Assistant.

I hear that Singapore companies are laying off/retrenching people above 50 years and prefer youngsters or they are losing their jobs to FTs.

This really worries me. With a family to take of (daughter and aged parents with medical needs), I can’t afford to lose my job.

When I used to work in Singapore before moving to India, I was subjected to racism several times, I’m told it still exists.

Even in those days, good jobs (well paying/top companies) were going to Mandarin speaking candidates and the thumb rule still exists I’m told.

In this existing scenario, I feel sad that (maybe) I may never be able to return to my homeland.

I was wondering if you would be able to help me get a job in Singapore or guide me to anyone who can help me.

I would be extremely grateful for any assistance you can extend.

I eagerly look forward to your kind reply.

Thanks & regards

Editor’s note: We have received the writer’s resume and will keep a look out for suitable jobs for her. If you are a overseas Singaporean and face difficulties relocating back to Singapore due to various reasons, please write in to us at, we like to hear from you.

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4 Responses to “Singaporean Indian working in India faces difficulties relocating back to Singapore”

  1. slipnr says:

    Unfortunately this dilemma probably stems from the fact that the writer is too low in the career ladder. She will probably need to come back to Singapore first without a job and then start looking once she settles down and hope for the best that there will be an offer.

    It’s not that in this day and age companies cannot use virtual conferencing to conduct interviews, but that frankly nobody will take the risk and effort just to hire an administrative assistant. Think about it from the company’s point of view:

    1) Hirer needs to do a call and forgo face to face interview. Calls will have more limited personal interaction, get disrupted due to poor connection, and sometimes cannot hear clearly and potentially need to incur IDD charges if the hirer is a small firm that doesn’t have enterprise level web conferencing facilities.

    2) Hirer needs to take the risk that the writer being physically in India has a higher chance that causes her not to report for work in Singapore on start date. There is almost no recourse to the company if the writer flies aeroplane on first day of work

    3) Hirer has to content with additional admin work needed as contracts, relevant documents need to be sent, signed, scanned, emailed between multiple parties in the event of a hire

    4) Hirer needs to run the risk that having been away for 17 years, writer might not fit in well with the local culture

    5)Hirer is limited in doing background checks due to the fact that writer works in India, very hard to corroborate certain referencing details when needed

    Of course all these hurdles can be overcomed if there is a will, but honestly would any hirer go through all the trouble and take up the higher risk just to hire a generic administrative assistant? They can probably get another 5 candidates down for an interview in a snap without all the additional trouble.

    Not trying to be degrading or pour cold water here, but these are the facts of the circumstances facing the writer.

  2. xyz says:

    K should simply bring over her daughter & parents to india and live. She is certainly working for MNC in india and her pay is definitely 50X-100X what normal indians will get for same job in india working for indian companies. Most probably also got housing allowance as housing in india is damn cheap as long you don’t live like maharaja.

    The HDB flat in S’pore can either rent out or sell.

    Private hospitals in india provide service equal to A-Class in S’pore, but charges only equal to C-class. So K can afford to provide for her parents in india.

    K may be worried for her daughter. But is her daughter an elite in S’pore??? If not then stay in S’pore her daughter life will also be a struggle. Study in india and easy to get into medical school or law school. Her daughter should have a few years foundation studying in Pri school already — with this foundation, studying in india will be a breeze.

  3. Look in right direction says:

    Good Day to u Madam,

    Coming to Your Dilema,in securing Job.I assure you madam,there are indeed many related profession’s,that are vacant,that require’s specific skills.

    U see madam,U are looking at the wrong direction.Job portals in singapore,the 80% of this job add are of discrimmination in nature.Some agencies,as long as you do not belong to majority race,your resume will end up in dust-bin.

    YOU should be looking at the Daily Job ad’s printed in the Tamil daily newspaper.The Tekka Belt (Or Little India Industry)mostly advertise on this paper.It is $40 billion industry,there are many industries from india,which had invested there recently.

    For example,Mustafa centre holdings (which is a billion dollar industry),do require lot of people with secretary skills or customer service skills,who have prior experiance dealing with those in india.

    You should get street directory,find out which are the industry in litte-india or india related industry and start sending your resume.

    Many singapore indians,like us though DISCRIMMINATED BY OUR SO-CALLED FELLOW SINGAPORENS of the Majority race(Of course not everyone of them),have manage to secured Job’s in indian national companies

  4. Syed Haffiz says:

    Please approach the CDC, most of the jobs are reserved for the Singaporean/PR.

    Ofcourse you need to take a risk of applying a longer holiday and look out for jobs. Please book a cheaper ticket on tiger airways.

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