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Tuesday March 19th 2019

Jobless permanent resident homeless after wife filed PPO against him and need to pay $2000/month maintenance

Hi Gilbert,

I am a father of 2 kids,  40 years old and I have been going through a bad marriage for the last 6 -7 years.

Recently my wife got a PPO against me.

I didn’t commit any violence, but still the court awarded PPO. At the time of PPO hearing I didn’t product any evidence to prove my innocence as I knew I didn’t do anything wrong.

She has also filed a maintenance application and the same was  heard the next day of PPO hearing.

The judge heard the maintenance case but was running short of time so held the judgment for a week. On the judgment day, the court issued an order to pay maintenance of $2000 with arrears of $6000!!

I have been jobless for almost a year and have been surviving on personal loans.

In the past. we bought assets overseas with my savings in her name.

The assets are valued over a million Singapore dollar.

She didn’t disclose any of those assets in her application for maintenance. I did tell the court that she is not disclosing her assets to the court. The original papers of the assets are with her only.

On the judgment day, I managed to get the evidence of assets and their valuations but it was too late. The judge didn’t allow me to say a single word on that.

She now has a protection order so I have to voluntarily leave the house which again is contributed fully by me. The reason I left is to avoid any further complications.

A call to police and I am behind bars!

Jobless for almost a year, in debts, depression have no control on the assets bought from my savings and  also homeless!!!! And need to pay maintenance with 3 months arrears!!!!

I don’t know what to do. We are living a separated life under one roof for 5-6 years.

She is also not willing to go for a  divorce. So the only option for me is to send her a notice and contest it.

I am a PR and she is my dependent PR.

If I don’t pay maintenance court will send me a summon and there I may get a chance to¬† show the evidence of assets(property) overseas which she didn’t disclose.

Will the judge consider it?

Please help.

Thanks and regards,

A depressed man

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4 Responses to “Jobless permanent resident homeless after wife filed PPO against him and need to pay $2000/month maintenance”

  1. David says:

    Dear Gilbert,

    I hope you are not considering helping this guy. He is essentially a FOREIGNER and your time is better spent helping TRUE BLUE SINGAPOREANS.


  2. Sye says:

    I met some of the Judges before. They are extremely arrogant. Before you can say a word, they will shut you up by telling you stuff. And if they don’t like to hear from you, you must call them Your Honor.

    However, they are mostly extremely rude and lacking respect or honor.

    Sorry for ranting.

  3. Wilson says:

    One solution. Go back to your own country. Since your wife is dependent PR, she can No longer stay here.
    Your country law may be more caring.

  4. xyz says:

    Huh?!? Just run back to your home country lah. Problem solved. $1,500 is equivalent to 12 months of graduate salary in Peenoi, Ah Neh, and Burma. I’m sure you have tens of thousands of cash borrowed. Just withdraw all the money and take 1-way ticket home. You can live like a king there.

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