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Sunday January 14th 2018

Press release: Peaceful protest against 6.9 million Population white paper (2 years after) – 31st Jan 4pm to 7pm at speakers’ corner

Press release: Peaceful protest against 6.9 million Population white paper (2 years after) – 31st Jan 4pm to 7pm at speakers’ corner

Dear friends from the press,

We will be holding our fourth protest against the mass influx of foreigners viz-a-viz the population white paper on 31st Jan from 4 to 7pm at speaker’s corner.

A permit has been granted by NParks and we will abide by all the rules and regulations related to the protest.

Two years have lapsed since the government introduces the population white paper in January 2013 – passed in Parliament without a whimper of a complaint due to the majority rule of the PAP.

The population has since climbed up to almost 5.4 million of which about1/3 is made up of  foreigners.

Singapore saw an increase of 30% of its population – made possible by mass influx of foreigners over the last decade.

We routinely received emails from local PMETs lamenting on the stiff competition they encounter at the job front from cheaper foreign workers.

The recently-introduced Fair Consideration Framework (FCF) has its inherent drawback especially when employers just need to post their jobs vacancies in the jobsbank for two weeks only and after that they can hire any foreigners they want using the much-maligned Employment Pass (EP).

The EP work permit requires a employer to pay $3300 in salary with at least a degree educational qualification.

Our wages suffer as a result as there is a steady stream of labour supply compare to demand.

Our locals also complaint frequently about over-crowding especially when they take the trains to and from work.

Its something they experience on a daily basis twice a day and anyone will feel the stress over time.

Government-sponsored social cohesion programme  is also non-existent and routinely we hear of  how foreigners criticise Singaporeans on social media openly with some getting very severe flak as a result.

Most Singaporeans will agree to having foreign workers in our midst to balance out our aging work force but the influx has been too many too soon over the past few years.

We also feel that those who came are not really talents whose skills are lacking here – we find foreign administrators, clerks, sales supervisor working in our midst nowadays.

Such jobs are the kind that Singaporeans can do and bringing in a foreigner to do such routine work seems like a replacement.

Singaporeans also feel a loss of identity when foreigners seem to descend from everywhere – at the work place, public transport and shopping malls.

We feel like a foreigner in our country – a common phase used nowadays by many Singaporeans.

We felt invaded and outcasted by a government bent on allowing in hundreds of thousands of foreigners with very lax rules and regulations. Many were found to possess fake certificates and degrees and have little skills on the job.

We have line up several speakers on the day and will introduce them as and when available on our facebook event page:-

There will be a press conference held immediately after the event on site.

We are also open to any pre-event interview this week or on site on the actual event if time permits.

Thanks & Warmest Regards,

Gilbert Goh
Transitioning – unemployment support services – unemployment support services – divorce support services

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2 Responses to “Press release: Peaceful protest against 6.9 million Population white paper (2 years after) – 31st Jan 4pm to 7pm at speakers’ corner”

  1. xyz says:

    Now about 40% of the 5.4 million are foreigners, including PRs.

    Everyday when you take MRT and buses, you can see that 50% to 70% (depending on time of day) are foreigners.

    Many foreigners are enjoying the good life — many are hired based on same country/same village hiring manager, especially in the banking, IT, engineering, oil & gas, and pharmaceutical industry. If not for the same country hiring managers/directors, many of these rubbish talents will NOT be hired.

    They are actually very highly paid, even though most dress low-key and many look quite sloppy. Their pay are often above $6K — many are getting $10K and above.

    They are quite stingy type and will rent HDB, unless they get extra expat package for condo. And even with $12K salary they usually don’t buy car. Whole family take MRT and bus. Special occasion then take taxi.

    If you hang around Sengkang & Punggol during the daytime on weekdays, you will find that only foreigners are the ones walking around, enjoying themselves at the playgrounds, neighbourhood parks, supermarkets. They are the wives & old parents and children of the rubbish talents. Their whole family including their old parents are able to more than survive on the high salaries of these foreign trashes.

    While Sinkies have to slog their asses off, both husband & wife. With depressed wages. And no job security. And after working like shit for 40 years still cannot retire. Provided still got job after 35yrs old.

  2. sal says:

    Hope future party that govern the city will make Sporeans first policies… The core for every companies, organization or systems must be local Sporeans …same as the parliament or government body.

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