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Sunday January 14th 2018

Citizen complaint to PM Lee regarding loopholes in CPIB

Subject: Questionable Scenario In CPIB

Dear PM Lee,

I thank your Honour for looking into my complaint on the the above subject and hope that those who were involved in assisting the disgraced ex-Director, Edwin Yeo, charged and sacked from your most trustworthy Government Dept.

Your Honour your announcement to improve the standards of the CPIB I hope will shed some light on my money-changed-hand’s case which I.O. Chew Siu Keong did not want to investigate. That only means your CPIB personnel are still not ‘clean & sincere’ in their work.

Your Honour, please also find the attachment which I have taken legal action against the questionable Maritime & Port Authority (MPA).

After my whistleblowing particular was exposed by the Prosecutor,  harassment on my flat never stop until this day and the Police had also taken down the cameras which they had installed initially when I made a complaint to our Ministry Of Home Affairs.

Your Honour, we respected your principle, integrity and your leadership to lead us but some Authorities, Agencies, Boards’ staff, etc have been misusing their power to protect their own ‘Kakis’ and had been covering up their illegal activities for them.

For your information and perusal on my CPIB’s case as I think I.O. Chew is trying to stop me from ballooning their disgraced episode further and that was why I was charged by him for giving false information as claimed by him.

Thank You, your Honour for taking time to read my humble mail.

Your faithfully,

Eddie Tan

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