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Friday January 18th 2019

57-year-old divorced local PMET used to earn $26,000/month now seeking assistance on downward variation of $7000 maintenance

Hi Gilbert,

I came across your interesting website while surfing the Internet in search of advice on the above matters.

I divorced in 2013 and presently looking for a job.

My maintenance order requires me to pay my ex-wife $4000/month and my son $3000/month. Besides this, I have to pay my son’s tertiary fees (he is now in 2nd year NUS) and 80% of medical/dental expenses.

I have resigned from my job and currently looking for another job.

At my age of 57, it is not likely that I will get the same gross income as my last job – probably considerably less.

My earning was S$26,000 (gross)/month and my next job is probably be about $12,000 (gross)/month if I am lucky to find one within the next 6 month.

In light of the above, I would like to seek your counsel on how feasible it is  in making a Maintenance Variation Order,.

My concerns on the excessive (and frivolous) medical/dental expense claims in excess of $2000/month plus the continuous harassment  via email to me, my colleagues, friends, relatives and what-nots so as to embarrass and humiliate me, and writing untruth to my bosses causing the company to investigate me on non-compliance, etc.

In short, it seems like her aim is to get me to lose my job, humiliate me to the max, and then expecting me to continue paying her and my son the monthly maintenance.

I am indeed facing a a real case of “hell hath no fury like a woman scorn.”

If it is fine with you, I would like to request for a face-to-face counselling session at your convenience.

Kind regards and thank you in advance for your help.


Editor’s note: We are arranging a session to see the person and someone who is helping us has also spoken to him at length on the phone.

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6 Responses to “57-year-old divorced local PMET used to earn $26,000/month now seeking assistance on downward variation of $7000 maintenance”

  1. Charles says:

    One thing that may come up is whether your resignation was a spiteful act in order to get the maintenance reduced. Some one at your age and position should know very well that resigning from a job before securing the next one is highly unusual because the chance of you being to find a job with comparable pay is very small.

  2. Tony Voon says:

    Sounds to me this guy is trying to wayang his way to a free legal consultation.

    For someone who was making 300k++ a year and even if the new job pay lower is at 150k a year, you are more than sufficient to go book time with a proper law firm instead of trying to get freebies from a NGO that is aimed at helping the real unemployed middle and lower income people.

    It is very unethical to be fighting with people who really need help for precious volunteer resources to sort out your own messy divorce case just because you are too cheapskate to find a proper laywer.


    Putting all things aside, $7,000 maintenance fee? And 4K goes to the ex wife? Are you kidding me?

    I can understand the part for his son’s education but seriously why does the writer’s ex wife require a sum of 4K for maintenance?

    Is she handicapped?

    Why cant she just go get a job?

    If she is working, then theres no reason for her to demand that amount of maintenance in the first place.

    Its obvious the ex wife just wants to leech off the ex husband. Its sickening to know of things like these.

    Furthermore, I dont think it makes sense that the writer deliberately resigned from his job just so he can get the maintenance order amount reduced because he is also jeopardizing his own livelihood in the process.

    At his age now, it is close to impossible to secure another job in Singapore, much less say one that pays anything close to his last drawn figure

    I think the most likely scenario is rather because of the constant harassment from his ex wife and her spreading of unfounded rumors about him to his colleagues has caused distress to his co workers and he was forced to resign by his bosses.

    If that is so, I am just totally sickened by his ex-wife, company’s actions and disgusted by the system which has allowed this situation to happen in our modern society.

  4. sal says:

    Its about money management n why religion against divorce…….Think wisely especially when you going older.

  5. ah tan says:

    hmm.. need to save more allowance.

  6. Usha says:

    If your ex is so vindictive,you should get proof of documents that made you feel harrassed n led to your resigning your job.Then,apply to the court to reduce the amount you are paying.don’t let her bite the hand that feeds her.

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