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Monday January 15th 2018

Adverse feedback from previous company costs nurse two new jobs

Dear Gilbert,

I’m writing to you because I am at a loss on what to do and who to seek for help regarding this issue.

Earlier this year I started work under XXX healthcare group.

Before starting work, I underwent an interview by the clinic nursing director who spoke down on me and brushed off the fact that I have three years experience in nursing .

Because I needed the job, I took up the position under XXX health clinic as a nurse.

However that is when all the horror began.

One week after working there as a newbie I was approached by a senior staff nurse (Singaporean) and a clinic assistant whose direct relative is holding a director post in XXX health.

I was advised that there were two groups in the clinic and was asked to choose which side to be on.

My reporting officer wanted to give me confirmation and she asked the other senior staff nurse (who’s from China) to sign my competency checklist for me.

However the senior staff nurse (from China) did not sign the checklist for me, stating that the knowledge I have is not good enough in comparison to her many years of clinic knowledge.

This is despite the fact that patients have written on many feedback forms praising me for my good customer service towards them, care and knowledge demonstrated as a nurse during my work at  XXX medical centre clinic.

I later found out that this China nurse held a deep grudge against our reporting officer because the reporting officer didn’t allow her to go for further studies (degree in nursing ).

One to two months down the road, my reporting officer was transferred to another department for some unknown reason.

I came to know that she resigned from her job due to unfair treatment after I left the organization.

That’s when the nonsense started to get worse. I was picked on and always told that I was not good enough despite always coming early to work.

I was also always being compared to another new nurse, who happened to have a habit of wiping tables and  chairs every day.

The senior nurse (Singaporean ) started to grumble at me even when I did my very best despite having a spinal injury which happened during my work at XXX medical centre.

She said that I was not good enough and implied that the new nurse is very hardworking whereas I’m not -  just because I didn’t have the habit of wiping the chairs and computer table daily!

The most ironic thing was that everyday there’s a cleaner aunty who was paid to do all these job.

But the unfair expectations being placed on me was that this task suddenly came  under my job scope as well.

I still continued to work even though there were  new demands which the senior nurse added onto my portfolio.

However at the end, for an unknown reason I was told that I was not suitable for the job by a newly appointed manager who knew nothing about what happened.

The China nurse kept reassuring me that I’ve improved in accordance to her expectations but the newly appointed clinic manager told me that both the senior nurses said that I was not suitable.

So I resigned from that place and decide to look for new jobs.

I went for an interview in October 2014, the organization was discussing the salary amount with me etc and said that they will contact me the next day.

I waited a few days and called them back and they told me that my previous employer, XXX health services gave unfavorable feedback  thus they’ve decided not to employ me.

I then continued to look for jobs, in early December I received a job  offer from another organization.  I went down to sign the employment form, went for health checkup, etc.

And was told that I could start work after new year 2015.

However, today I received a call from them stating that due to XXX health services adverse feedback about me, they have also decided not to employ me!

I do not understand why  this is happening to me?

Isn’t it enough that I suffered humiliation while I was working there?

Unfair treatment etcetera and I didn’t even complain about it.

I just chose to resign, and live and let live.

However the previous employer XXX health refuses to let me move on and keeps destroying whatever chance I have of starting afresh.


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5 Responses to “Adverse feedback from previous company costs nurse two new jobs”

  1. Marcus Lim says:

    Dear Jenny,

    You have to act now. Firstly, you must seek redress by going to the Ministry of Manpower and explained your situation. Tell them you had been discriminated and you are now demanding an APOLOGY. The objective is to summon for a third party (i.e. MOM) intervention while demanding accountability from your toothless, insensitive and no-good former employer. Once a complaint is lodged, then you have to be truthful whenever you attend a job interview. Explain to your potential employer your problem and that you had seek redress from the MOM. As evidence, show them the complaint that you’d lodged so as to explain your side of the story. I hope this helps.

  2. jj@41 says:

    Did you mention the xxx health group in your resume n interview?

    If yes, then my advice to you is you are being too honest. You have got yourself into trouble.

    If a interviewer doesn’t treat you with respect during the interview, what do you expect you would be treated in work in that company?

  3. Joshua Tan says:

    I think your case should be referred to MOM. They can help you to investigate the issue and ensure that the former employers give a fair explanation, and if not sufficient, you can consider bringing the matter up to court against the former employer for destroying your reputation.

  4. koh says:

    Hi Gilbert,

    I can indirectly help. I know a specialist looking for hardworking nurses. If jenny is interested, please ask her to call me at 96357811.



  5. xyz says:

    Is it national healthcare group polyclinics? They have reputation for playing dirty politics. Unfortunately, they are 1 of the biggest govt-linked healthcare organisations in S’pore — operating 50% of S’pore’s polyclinics and 2 major hospitals. So if you put them down in your CV, high chance the new potential employers will call them to check on you. BTW, majority of the govt-linked hospitals & polyclinics are real bastards to work in — staff are always backstabbing each other — you can drop dead in front of them and they won’t even bat an eyelid. It’s a wonder they can even look after sick patients.

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