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Saturday January 13th 2018

Singaporean PMET unfairly dismissed by Filipino superior and has to leave within 1/2 hour


Thanks for the support and guidance you have given to fellow Singaporeans on their job problems.

I am also facing a very bad experience recently on my job  and decided to write this email to you and hopefully
you can give me some guidance which would be greatly appreciated.

I work as a contract analyst with an insurance co through an agent.

I start work in June this year and is a one year contract, my job responsibilities include production support and development work in the insurance co IT dept.

For the first 3  months of my work, there were no major problems involved and then suddenly on the last day of August they decided to terminate my contract without giving any valid reasons.

The agent call me up and say they are not happy with my performance and I have to pack and  leave within 1/2 hour.

I was at a shock and decided to confront my immediate supervisor ( who is a pinoy)  who then impolitely  tell me off and say  I made a lot of mistakes.

I feel that he is giving all excuses to get rid of me and wanted to chase me out of the company.

Not satisfied with his reasons I managed to check with my boss who is a Singaporean but  she only listen to him and does not listen to what I have to say.

I feel that my contract was terminated unfairly without any valid reasons and would like to seek your guidance .

Thanks and regards



Dear Philip

Thanks for your mail and sorry to hear of your predicament.

Unfair dismissal is rampant here due to our weak labour legislation.

Employers can terminate a worker’s service without giving any valid reasons especially if the employee is under probation.

There is  no proper counselling carried out before termination and our HR is also ill-prepared to do that here.

I urge you to report the matter to MOM and TAFEP.

We should all try to do our best to stop unfair dismissal as its a threat to our livelihood and survival.

Let us know if you need to access our counselling or coaching service.

We are here for you.



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7 Responses to “Singaporean PMET unfairly dismissed by Filipino superior and has to leave within 1/2 hour”

  1. Texas says:

    You & entire family, & relatives, & friends votes count …

    Remove the evil tyrant & restore your country & pride …

  2. jj@41 says:

    What happened to Philip isn’t something uncommon in contracted or outsourcing jobs. i have heard quite a lot of such stories from a friend who is also doing contracted n outsourcing IT job.

    The company which outsourced the job to the agency n the agency which provided the workers itself all expected hired candidate to be hardworking, multitasking, submissive n cheap to be hired.

    Many of these workers hired usually don’t stay long on the jobs. Many will leave for other better options.

    Some workers themselves also have attitude and aptitude issues too. That’s why they have problems looking for a perm n well paid jobs, they have to take up contract n outsourcing related jobs instead, just to survive.

    Any staff in the company can lodge a complaint to the officer in charge on the contracted worker provided by the agency. There are so many complaints n argument between the company, the agency n workers etc.

    I am not surprise that the agency already hired someone else to replace Philip even before he was asked to leave.

  3. sal says:

    Spore have become the playground for the FW, Sporrans should be the backbone of every industries in Spore, hope futrure party that gov the city will ensure Spore first policies.

  4. John says:

    please vote wisely…is time for a change in your life…if they can’t help us, we help ourselves…

    too many pinoys in SG, need to purge them out

  5. Speakthetruth says:

    Foreigners were supposedly let-in because locals do not want the job and to help in our economy. But if the unemployment rate goes above 3%, the worker levy and taxes on foreign workers & executives should immediately go UP to TWEAK the system so that more jobs can be created for locals by forcing the foreigners out.

    If this is not done, I highly suspect if the Govt is working for us or for foreigners.

    • jj@41 says:

      Sometimes even if S’poreans want to take up some low wage jobs, the bosses n managers also have no confidence n interest in hiring S’poreans too. They prefer hiring foreigners.

      There isn’t minimum wage policy here in S’pore, and PAP focuses a lot on engineering n manufacturing, they need cheaper labourers to produce n construct.

      I know many M’sians or foreigners holding SPR working as security guards in S’pore owned cars n properties in their homeland.

  6. Vincent Vijay says:

    Work here n move to another country lah…aiyoh so easy also want to a traveler in life..nothing is stable…move on n enjoy.

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