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Wednesday January 16th 2019

Singaporean Malay PMET feeling desperate due to unpaid salary one month after serving notice


Hi Gilbert,

Thanks for helping fellow Singaporeans struggling with employment issues.

My name is Musa, a Singaporean from Tampines.

I have recently left my ex-employer, as an Executive in an advertising firm after serving a 2 – month notice period as stated in my contract.

As you can see from my subject title – it is about my previous month’s (September) salary which is long overdue (3 weeks).

- I have contacted the admin-finance of my company and asked about it. And I have spoken to her  as well as the company owner.

- My official last day was the 7th of Oct.

- Salaries to employees of the company is paid on the 7th of every month.

- Almost 3 weeks has passed and I have not received my salary.

- Checked with admin-finance and said she doesn’t know, only ask me to write in and ‘chase’.

- Spoke to owner of company, he said a client has yet to paid them therefore, the company does not have the money to pay me on the date that I am supposed to be paid. Kept saying don’t worry you will be paid.  Spoke in a very sarcastic and somewhat ‘not-so-serious’ manner.

- I have even sent reminder emails about my salary, saying to find alternatives like cash cheque or partial payment asap.

- I am struggling financially and have bills to pay. My family also needs my financial help.

- Worse is, the company/owner does not give me a straight answer when I ask him when I will get my salary. I have to make deadlines for him/them but all these deadlines seem to be of no avail.

- I find it strange that they do not have any money to pay me? I checked with colleagues(2 whom left around the same time) and all have received their salaries. I am the only one and feel ostracized.

- My family is also affected and feel frustrated by this episode.

I feel helpless, feel that the company now has power over my life since they still have my salary. I just wish to get this over with so both parties can move on.

I do require some help on how to resolve the matter. Do let me know on what I should do.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Editor’s note: MOM has asked the writer to write in with a letter of demand for the owed salary and will intervene when the company fails to bulge. We are seeing Mr Musa soon to discuss what other options he could pursue.

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