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Saturday January 13th 2018

Inside story of a former recruitor – turnover is high and work culture horrible

Hi, former recruiter here. I hope you find your job soon. Good points there.

Yes the employers can get ridiculous. Want a perfect match but budget is below market rate.

It is like you want to buy a Ferrari for the price of a Toyota. Some try to buy a spec a BMW but the reporting manager is a Toyota Corona. Cannot outshine the boss but want a outstanding candidate.

Many HR also don’t know what they are doing. The specs given out are wrong.

Not really HR fault too as they got reduced headcount and HR got to multitask. Singapore’s hiring and HR is crazy now.

Worse thing is the hiring managers are getting snobbish. Many of them have no respect for both the recruiters and the candidates.

You send in the candidates, they drag for a week or two then see the CV.

Some don’t even give you feedback. In the meantime you have to hold the candidates.

interview they take another 1 month to finalize. By the time the whole process ends, it is 2 months or so. You think someone good and searching is going to wait 2 months for you?

And for recruiters, as long as you are not paying a retainer, we have to find our own money.

We will close the candidate to the higher bidder with the best job fit and offers first.

You pay 60 days after the candidate start work, 2 months + 2 months, you want the recruiter to do free work for you for 4 months before getting paid, and it is not even confirm will get paid. This is the real market…

You get what you pay for. Now you know why the market is so messy with so many lousy recruiters with no loyalty?

Because employers themselves have no respect or integrity. How many of you suka suka activate a search then freeze headcount, promote internal, or just to collect market information for yourself for free?

Please ok, we are also humans and we work for rewards.

By the way, the civil service also. You want good people but you offer first year contract.

Those with families or stable career and good, who the hell wants to take a 1 year contract with you?! Now you know why you getting so many who cannot find job elsewhere?

Ok enough ranting.

I am now in HR. MOM better do something.

The hiring and HR culture in Singapore is really horrid.

Turnover is high not only because people got no loyalty or picky.

Your bosses and managers have no loyalty to the staff, so how do you expect any from them?

And the bosses can be so crap and treat people like sh**!

Don’t just blame the workers, take a hard long look at the bosses too!

Editor’s  note: This article was taken from a comment by Patty for the article “Former recruitor regrets quitting…”

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6 Responses to “Inside story of a former recruitor – turnover is high and work culture horrible”

  1. Error says:

    I went for an interview. The boss has no experience in the industry, fresh from another unrelated industry. A scholar last time. I have more than 5 years in the industry and have been promoted through the ranks for my work. The boss in the end hired another scholar who also has no experience in the industry and not from any related industry. I felt betrayed. Was I interviewed to provide free “training” for this person? Why does senior management hire people who have no experience to be in such important positions? This boss told me the reason to move to this position is because this boss wanted a better work life balance and for family time. But I know if I say the same reason, I sure won’t be hired. Double standards all around.

  2. Ten10 says:

    Why is this kind of useless article even in an unemployment NGO website front page?

    This is just some personal bitching of a guy who is not happy with his job and complaining about generic stuff like difficult customers, not enough budget, boss is bad etc. Seriously? This is like describing 90% of the jobs out there.

    Most of us can think of 100 things worse to rant about our jobs, like that end up with hundreds of articles of people complaining about their daily jobs.

    Is Transitioning existi to help the unemployed or some sort of blog just for people to bitch about their daily work?

  3. Jack says:

    The writer of this article is absolutely right. I gave up the industry after 3 hard years of slog. Recruiters are given the run around, bust their guts to find the right candidate only to have some axxhxle HR person to tell you they got a budget cut. They are also unscrulpous line hiring managers whom gathered intel from candidates they hire about their rival banks business and strategy and a year done the track, contact and hire the candidate and avoid the recruiter’s commission.

    all the above ranting, the hiring consultants could have hiring more matured and retired professionals whom know the industy and be able to counsel candidates on their career choice with knowledge of the industry.

    More than often you find young expats with no local experience and cultural IQ/empathy doing a job which they are not equip for. For that reason the govt should not give work permits to FTs whom have no experience in the industry. MNCs would argue here locals don t have the skills which is all bull…

  4. Dico says:

    With the high number of foreigners in the market, bosses alway think that they can pick the best with the least pay.

    But, that is no longer the truth. Many foreigners are realising that they had been short changed and when they can find a better job, they just jumped to another ship even with a modest pay increase.

    Take for example my ex-company, the boss is one of the worst that I have worked for. Lousy pay and expect superior skill and work like 24/7 without complaint. We are in a service oriented business and we are always given shit by customers and yet with a mean boss, everybody just work for the experience and not one want to stay after the 2 years contract.

    Recently, my ex-boss had been calling all the ex-staffs and ask if they want to return to the company. Why, because the good ones had all left. His current turn over is leaving 1-2 staff per month with a staff strenght of 7. Some who cannot take the stress resort to be rude or talk back to mean customers. They force they boss to fire them so they don’t have to pay for the compensation due to the 2 years. Some simply ignore the boss and take their own sweet time or make lots of mistake until the boss fires them.

    Even many foreigners who cannot take the heat left the company and return to their country the contract have no effect on them.

    Now, with a severe shortage of good staff, the business suffered and many customers terminate their contract and change to other service providers.

    All those who took the 2 years heat and left are the battle harden employees who are the best. But not even one wanted to return.

    So, the moral of the story is when a boss is lucky to have a batch of good employees, he always think that there are better ones out there. It is only when all the good ones left, that they realised that there are a lot of rotten ones out there!

    There is always a saying, the best employees are always the one who had left. This is especially true in Singapore.

  5. crazygirl says:

    Yes terrible employer culture in Singapore. Singapore is top on the list for human rights abrogation. If there was a word to sum it up: Horrid. HR in companies are the most inhuman people on the planet.. One should follow the European/UK system and pay minimum wage. Problem is Singapore gahmen is too pro-business in the spirit of being ‘competitive’ and will just sit back let employers exploit workers. 99% of all Singaporean businesses don’t pay fairly and expect purple squirrels out of common humans. There is zero human respect and don’t expect it if you stay in Singapore. An audit of minimum wage and employment practice is way overdue. If you are an HR manager here may you have an early horrid death.

  6. Ear-fly says:

    My GF started her career as a recruiter, fresh out of poly. She was involved in a variety of CCA stuff during tertiary time and could be one of the reasons the company ( a big player in SG recruitment industry) hired her.
    However once there she was always under constant pressure to meet targets. The management didn’t care how you met the numbers so long as they were met. Most of the recruiters were girls with the obvious reason to sweet talk guys into joining the below-average clients on their rosters.
    The positions to close given the the girls were generally entry level, admin and jobs requiring less than 5 years experience. Though the management never gave any such explicit directions, the expectation was that the girls increase their social network to know more potential candidates. (This was before the term social networking became common) Those days a significant number of the girls used to go out clubbing and partying just so that they could get introduced to more guys whom they could later approach to meet their targets.
    Of course this was not sustainable and generally more than half the girls left before completing a year and a majority of the remaining would buckle under the pressure of the targetsnand leave within 2 years. My GF lasted 2 years before she finally said enough is enough and quit. She took a break and then went into a totally different line. She keeps telling me that the worst decision she ever made was to get into the recruiting industry.

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