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Friday January 25th 2019

Local PMET pissed off with public listed company Epicentre Asia for salary delay after resignation

Hi Gilbert,

A very good day to you.

Please kindly have my articles publish to shame this company for delaying my salary.

I would like to highlight this company is a public listed company and furthermore it was the first apple premium reseller in Singapore in year 2003.

The company name is called Epicentre Asia. It begins with the tendering my resignation with the company on the 6th August 2014 and serve my required 2 weeks notice till 19th August.

On the 19th August 2014 I went down to head office to do my clearance and exit interview.

After having completed my exit interview and getting all the required signature from different department heads, I went back to the room where I sit and waiting for HR executive to meet up with me for exit interview.

HR executive came in, and pass me a letter of acknowledgement of my resignation. However, after the interview completed I wasn’t given any notice when I can get my salary payment.

After I left the office, I text the HR executive when I can get my salary.

I told her I would like to collect cheque.

And I change my mind later and told her I wish to have it credited to my bank account.

A few days later, I text the HR executive again, and I ask her possible to credit in earlier for my salary and she told me not possible and have to wait till month end.

As it had reach the sixth day of leaving my company, I ask when the salary be ready. She told me as spoken it will be end of the month, and it dated on the 25th August 2014.

It was yesterday morning 31st August when I check my account. I found out that the salary that Epicentre owns to me is still not credited.

I text the HR executive and she told me is a Sunday and will need to wait till Monday which is 1st Sept to check and get back to me.

To those who is reading this now, how many days did Epicentre delay my salary?

And as I check on the MOM website, salary suppose to be clear on the last day of service if required notice are serve, and not more than 7 days if required notice is not serve.

I am a married man and has a family, this company simply tell me a sign that they do not wish to pay my salary and have the motive of wanting to drag my salary payment.

Today 1st Sept, I will be making a trip down to MOM personally to lodge a complaint against this company.

Till now I have not received any reply message from the HR executive regarding  my salary default.

I am very frustrated that a public listed company is doing this to a staff who has just  resigned and serve required notice and also duly completed the job task given to me during the notice period.

Gilbert might want to tag this letter to MOM for their reply and investigation.

Thanks, Gilbert.

Good day to you.

Johnny Kwok

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5 Responses to “Local PMET pissed off with public listed company Epicentre Asia for salary delay after resignation”

  1. MyTop says:

    This appears to be a mixture of a few unfortunate events from Johnny’s last minute request for change of payment from cheque to GIRO, followed by perhaps a payroll error and then a weekend which prevent HR from checking.

    To be fair, I found the company HR’s explaination so far to be believable. Sure, the law does state the Company should pay by 7 days, but for a big company they have proper payroll and accounting process to follow. Johnny cannot expect to just last minute after leaving office send an SMS to HR to change payment instructions and then expect everything to be done nicely for him in a few days.

    As for payroll cycle being end of month, this is quite in line with market practice. It is possible he might have just missed some sort of cut-off timing by Finance / HR and had to follow the normal payroll cycle.

    As for not being paid at end Augst, that could be a payroll error and quite honestly, he calls HR during a weekend and what does he expect the poor HR Exec to do? Call up all the approving authorities in the company, contact the various 3rd party vendors and coerce the banks to process his money during the weekend?

    I empathise with his desperate need for money, but it seems awfully premature to be sending out public statements to NGOs with a vindictively dcelared intent of “shaming” the company.

    The other thing I don’t understand is why all his important interaction with the Company is done through SMS to some junior HR Exec, it is not the appropriate medium for such complicated matters. Did he even try to meet up with someone of authority in the Company to discuss and clear up and misunderstandings face to face?

  2. xyz says:

    Those MOM guidelines are applicable to blue collar workers earning below $4.5K and white collar workers earning below $2K.

    MOM people will tell you sorry, you not applicable. They will simply tell you to go talk to your ex-company. Or sue them using your own money with high chance of losing lots of money.

  3. askonly says:

    This company may has cash flow problem.

  4. sal says:

    Hi Johnny, as a human being we always want the way we want to be but unfortunately life is complex. Certain things is within our control but some are not, be patient and wait for the outcome. Hope the best for your future.

  5. Dico says:

    The wife of my close friend just quit from Epic Centre. She was working in the accounting department and on the job for 2 months when she decided to quit.

    According to her, there was a backlog of 2 years of accounts and she had to work till 11pm every day and expected to work on every week ends without OT to clear the backlogs.

    She said that she cannot imagine how she is going to work like that for years while the amount of work keeps pilling up.

    Seems the management of Epic Centre is total shit.

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