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Tuesday January 15th 2019

Singaporean woman executive complaining about sexual harassment in UK MNC

Hi Gilbert

How are you?

Thanks very much for responding to me. I have received your reply thank you.

Actually, I started working two weeks ago in a UK MNC in Singapore doing publishing.

I was managed by two persons; the Group Production Manager (female Chinese) and the Group Publisher (male Indian).

A lot of things happened within these two weeks.

Touching or giving pats onto shoulders – I don’t think this is right and have told the HR.

This group publisher was really furious as he said “you don’t bite the spoon that feeds” and the HR is not going to help me.

He told me this is a UK MNC, we follow the UK culture and touching or giving pats is nothing and you need to learn our culture not being stubborn.

The Group Production Manager sits in and agree with him.

Gilbert, I am a Chinese from Singapore. I am not from UK, I am not British – definitely touching is not part of my culture as well.

A friend of mine actually advise me to speak with the police and the police told me this is called “Molest”. But I do not have any evidence I would say.

I have made a decision to inform the Managing Director and I will CC you in it.

I am on my way to drafting this email to the director.

I would appreciate if you would  post the email to and I hope you can remove my name.

I am not sure besides emailing the Managing Director and, would AWARE be helpful?

I hope you can further advise who I can email before I sent out on Monday?

Thank you for your time.

Kind regards


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8 Responses to “Singaporean woman executive complaining about sexual harassment in UK MNC”

  1. Sye says:

    This is Singapore and not UK. Go tell the police. The Indian guy is guilty unless he can produce evidence that he did not do so. Tell that Indian guy, he is Indian, not British either and this is Singapore. Even in the UK and US, he has to respect the rights of others or he can be sued.

  2. askonly says:

    Hi Stella

    Just call police and report molest.

    Last time in one local Bank, there is one SVP who also like to do the same thing to his team members. Many either resign or transfer department, until one new staff blow the whistler and report to HR.

    This SVP was asked to resign.

  3. sal says:

    This Indian chap trying to be funny just because he have a better position than you….this is what happen in India, where women are being marginalized. If the company doesnt reprimand him, you sholud report the matter to the police.

  4. brit says:

    this story should be in yahoo (sg) website so that everyone in the world can know (*the name of this brit company should also be given).

  5. Caz says:

    Touching in the UK is NOT accepted. I don’t think it is in any parts of the developed world.

  6. Nevermind says:

    Some cultures say its okay to have sex with little girls too. Its called justified perversion.

  7. MyTop says:

    I went to Ink Singapore’s main website

    This is definitely not a UK MNC as mentioned in the previous letter. It is just a small privately owned UK company with a few small rep offices outside UK.

    Don’t expect any of these characters mentioned above to do anything. Other than the British towkay / MD who probably cannot even be bothered, all the rest of the characters are just small fries with glorified job titles.

    You lodge a police report at most they will investigate that “Production Manager” (probably just a low level associate) and maybe they’ll just dump him and move on. Nothing will change. It’s pretty much just a small honky dorie set up.

  8. xyz says:

    This touching business is NOT ALLOWED in countries like UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Western Europe. The laws there are very clear and the companies can successfully be sued for millions, and the companies and managers all know that. That’s why in Western countries, the companies especially the bigger ones are very very careful about sexual harassment, discrimination, assault etc etc because they are on the hook for millions of dollars.

    You should write a formal complaint email to HR first. If they don’t take satisfactory action, then you should write to their main HQ in UK. You don’t need to tell anybody in the S’pore office that you are writing to UK office. Don’t give anybody here the chance to try and cover up and do damage control.

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