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Saturday January 13th 2018

Proposal for launch of job portal for our unemployed PMETs

Hi Gilbert,

I actually do admire what you do at

I also have had the opportunity to read through some of the cases where you have assisted the less fortunate in finding employment opportunities online.

My team and myself are intending to start work on a  project called “jobhunt” where we will develop  a portal so that employers can actually publish their job vacancy’s online.

We would also encourage Jobseekers to publish their resumes online too so future employers can actually contact them, this can help find them the employment which they desperately need.

Unlike Job-street or all the other portal currently available in Singapore, this portal which we intent to develop would allow employees to publish their vacancy for free  – with additional premium add on,

There will not be any charges to people who find employment through the site.

We are also looking into prospect of launching a mobile app for the site later in the year.

I am actually wondering would you be willing to refer people who need employment assistance or company’s who have any vacancy to this site.

I strongly believe that with this project we  can better help the unemployed  find jobs.

Do let me know whether you have any  feedback with regard to this project.

I believe a person like you who have been in the non-profit society for over 5 years would be in a better position to advise me if such a portal can help the unemployed and underemployed.

Your feedback will definitely help shape the future of this project.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards

MR Mohammad Hafiz Bin Abdul Hussain

Editor’s note: We will schedule some time to see Mr Hussain if such a project will take off  properly and how it can benefit our pool of unemployed PMETs.

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