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Thursday February 7th 2019

Suicidal Jobless Generation Y PMET Lamenting About Horrible MLM Interview

Hi Gilbert

How are you guys doing? I hope you are well.

Just a quick update on my situation, just went for my follow-up with my psychiatrist last week, my depression is getting worst,¬† my anxiety disorder – there’s is no sign of improvement and my medication dosage needs to be increased.

Just to share, I went for one interview 2 weeks ago as a sales and marketing executive and travel opportunities was offered and the salary range was around the expected range I was looking at .

When I arrived at the office, I was greeted by a very ‘friendly’ HR executive. I filled up the form and I was surprised, the interviewer can interview 2 candidates at once, I brushed it off at first, thinking that since it was a sales post, sure there will be competition.

The first interview took about an hour.

Few days later, I was called up for the second interview, I was feeling very happy as maybe my journey to finding a real job was coming soon.

The whole interview took me 3 hours! And it turned out to be an MLM company…

And my basic pay will  only be $450 and working hours start from 130pm to 11pm daily. You will only be paid for the donations you get from the public.

I was feeling very panicky  and anxious then, as there are a lot of so-called sales executive staring at you and giving you a strange look.

And a trainer was even assigned to me and review the way I communicated. They were standing right outside the interview room waiting for you!

I felt so uncomfortable and I didn’t want to waste any of my time at the office, I asked politely to leave and I wasn’t allowed to.

I ignored their following calls to me and they even get their  Country manager to call me personally on a Saturday at about 4pm. And they even wanted to fix a 3rd interview with me!

I was feeling so sad and disappointed, do we job seekers have to go through all these?

If it’s a MLM office, then why are only letting the candidates know¬† during the 2nd interview?

By the way, I did queried them after the 1st interview o what kind of company is this and what are they dealing with?

They told me it was an advertising company. And it turns out to be a company soliciting for donations for those with cancer and old age home.

Though my savings are running low as I am jobless for about 4 months, I really didn’t want to do this. I don’t feel good.

My ex-company which terminated me wanted me back and even got my ex colleague to call me and arrange an appointment to see the Indian MD again, I am feeling very lost as they didn’t even pay me for my commissions and the last-pay cheque amount was not right.

I went to legal aid and I was granted an appointment with the legal executive, and I need to furnish my statements for the past 1 year from the banks.

I called up the bank and they told me they need about 7-9 working days to get it done and I need to go down in person. A $15 fee will be applicable.

I am feeling very tired and useless to the extend of just feel like ending my life. All I want is just a decent job to go by and have my depression, schizophrenia and anxiety disorder cured. That’s all I am asking for…

I am a Singaporean and I have applied close to 80 applications on jobstreet and yet I am only being called up by the MLM company.

I am really in a loss. I really need a job.

I don’t want to stay at home all day doing nothing – just only doing the household chores is not enough.

I really hope to have a long term employment, that’s all I ask for.

Thanks for reading my mail and thank you for letting me know at least I could turn to you guys when I really needed someone.



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4 Responses to “Suicidal Jobless Generation Y PMET Lamenting About Horrible MLM Interview”

  1. caramello says:

    Hi Victoria, don’t despair as I can really relate to what you are going through now.

    I have personally got cheated by so called company on jobstreet as well, their so called promise for an entry level position or fresh grad job turns out to be otherwise. I ever got 2 jobs on jobstreet and jobsdb and as it turns out, it wasn’t the case, those so called fresh grad/entry level job are usually positions that are not popular with usual job seekers and are very low in wage and usually no advancement opportunity.

    I got the job and was subjected to very nasty treatment by my team members and so left in difficult circumstances and up until now am still looking for a proper job with monthly salary.

    From what i see now on those job portal, usually those jobs that pay you monthly salary are always sought after by better qualified candidates asking for a very much lower pay.

    I guess the employment scene is much more competitive now than it was 2 decades ago. Anyway, here’s wishing you the best in your job search.

  2. Nevermind says:

    Victoria, I was in your shoes before, 15 years ago. Was jobless for over 6 months when I finally decided to just take anything that comes. That’s when I took on a job similar to what you interviewed for.

    Frankly, very tough. Sell nonsense things to get money. Half of which goes to the company, slightly half goes to charity. A little bit go to you. But I quit in less than a week because they are just making use of you.

    My advice to you is to 1 – Keep your head UP. 2 – Look for decent and stable jobs (salary low never mind). 3 – Look out for better offers along the way.

    Don’t give up.

  3. singaporean employer says:

    Hi Victoria, not sure how i can help, but if you’re keen to explore sales role, drop me an email at

    We’re pretty unique company that’s seeking out for Singaporeans in need of job.
    Education, experience does not worth more than attitude here

  4. australia mate says:

    Pls go to cdc or wda to see if they can assist you with financial assistance or a job. Try your local family service centre for advice. Wish you all the best.

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