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Saturday January 19th 2019

Lady married PMET going jobless soon and getting worried

Hi Gilbert,

I stumped onto your blog to know that I am not alone. There are many many Singaporeans out there who face a similar bad job situation like me.

I think joining the private sector is far worst than joining the government sector nowadays.

Work in Singapore seems very tough and it gets tougher as the years go by.

May I know your background?

I will be jobless very soon and I am also getting real worried about my situation.

All jobs seems to have long working hours and I have limited time to spend with my daughter who is going to primary school.

Agencies do not seem to help and they threatened you with hefty penalties if you were to sign contract with them.

If you could revert to my email, that will be great.

There seem to be a networking session………….and I will like to ask more about the session.

Many thanks.



Editor’s note: The writer will be joining us for the networking session at 2.30pm tomorrow. Employers will be there to offer jobs.

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2 Responses to “Lady married PMET going jobless soon and getting worried”

  1. sal says:

    Hi Elle, you must be strong and have faith in yourself that you will go thru this experience with ease hopefully. Spore is going thru tough changes especially to local Sporeans with the current influx of FWs fighting for PMETs jobs. Wish you n family the best and hope you get another job soon.

  2. Dico says:

    Hi Elle,

    I was out of job for 1 year and recently had found one. I must say that I still luck for someone my age where there are many young foreigners.

    Singapore had got into the worst of its time since LHL took over.

    The huge impact of FT creating a big problem for Singaporeans in the job market. This some of the worst scene that we have experience since independent.

    PAP had already out-source whatever that can be out-source. We are already left with the bare minimum of a skeleton structure and yet PAP brought in huge numbers of foreigners to even take away the crumbs from our bowl.

    Try to save as much money as possible just in case. You need money to tide over the hard period until you found another job.

    You now need to keep upgrading yourself. Upgrading don’t mean getting a degree as it may not promise you a job anymore since there are lots of ‘degree’ holders from India, Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, etc. You can complaint all you want about the quality of these foreign ‘degrees’ but they are welcome with open arms by the Singapore government and businesses. What I mean upgrading is to ensure you excel in some areas. If you get another job, tried to achieve something so that you can put that as an achievement in your resume.

    The other more important thing is to get as many friends and relatives to vote against PAP. If you don’t, you will find yourself becoming a third class citizen in your own country where they can take your every rights from you.

    Don’t be the typical spineless Sinkies by telling themselves that there is no viable opposition to take over if PAP is voted out.

    PAP will never be ‘voted’ out. They had a diehard 35% voters who will voted for them no matter what. If they only retain 35% of the seats, they will have to get another opposition to join them to form a coalition government.

    In a coalition government, PAP though the major party will need to discuss all policies with the other parties in the coalition government before they can push it out. Politicians will therefore be forced to please the voters’ first before they dare to push stinky policies like the 6.9 million population toilet paper.

    As in the event of a coalition government, the highly unpopular, idiotic and anti-Singaporean LHL will be told to step down. All those PAP idiots like Lim Sia Suay, $8 Khaw, Keechiu, Dis-GraceFul will goes the way of Mah Bow Tan!

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