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Thursday February 7th 2019

Networking session: How to Survive Unemployment 25 July (Fri) at 2.30pm

Dear Friends in Transition, will be conducting a  networking session for those affected by the trauma of unemployment.

Details are as follows:-

Date: 25 Jul (Fri)

Time 2.30pm to 5 pm

Venue: To be confirmed

The session  will essentially focus on helping  one to get out of the  rut and that with proper guidance, the arduous journey can be enriching as well.

We have heard of how many people in transition lapse into depression and some even harboured suicidal thoughts.

Its also not uncommon for them to seek medical  treatment – yes, it can be that bad.

Unemployment can be a lonely, traumatic and painful experience especially for those who are out of work for more than three months.

Days become weeks and then months and soon a whole year is over…we often wonder what hit us and there is so far no written textbook that will adequately prepare a person who is undergoing unemployment.

It has to be learnt through the university of hard knocks.

The uncertainty can also be crippling and one often laments when the next job will arrive.

During this session, tips will be given to smoothen out those painful edges of unemployment.

We will be covering the following topics:-

1. Overcoming emotional trauma- positive thinking helps

2. Financial management during unemployment

3. Methods of job searching

4. Family matters – open communication helps

5. Growing stronger after unemployment

Registration is now open for those in transition to sign up for  the networking session.

Please email or if you are interested to attend the session.

The number of participants are restricted to twenty only and its on a first-come-first-serve basis.

We are also inviting some employers to drop by the session and will confirm their participation once we get hold of their response.

Registration is free of charge and light refreshment will be served during the session.

Don’t suffer alone, come and seek support from fellow Singaporeans in transition.

Unity is strength!

We are here for you.

Gilbert Goh


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    Hope Sporeans hiring manager will employ local Sporrans first in any job they need manpower to hire… what the FWs hiring manager do.

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