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Saturday January 13th 2018

Apeal for long-term assistance for family with sick mum

Hi Mr Gilbert Goh,

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you regarding someone whom I know that might need your assistance.

Attached is a picture of the person who is living in a tiny place.

My friend who goes by the name of Lokman is married and also living with his own mother who is paralysed right now.

Lokman is not working as he has to take care of his mom and the only person who works is his wife but unfortunately her salary is not much.

Lokman is also sick – kidney failure, diabetes etc. But he can’t afford to pay for his own medical cost due to his mom’s condition.

He mentions about Hari Raya which is around the corner and his mom would love to feel the mood of how Hari Raya is.

My friends and I would love to help to make his dream and his mom’s come true during this Ramadan.

As I say, we  have made  donation for him and his family like Food Ration and donation of cash.

My point is if you are able to help or to assist this matter not just for Ramadhan Month but in the longer term, what will be your option?

Thank you for your time in reading this email. Wishing you and blessing you with prosperity in future.


Nur Fazliana

Editor’s note: We will be making plan to visit this family to establish how we can assist them for the long term.  We know that certain families need more than our $100 once-off  financial aid. We should be embarking on a sponsorship programme whereby we will invite sponsors to adopt a family and donate to them a certain amount for a specific period. Details on this will be out soon. We are here for you – no one will be left behind.

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2 Responses to “Apeal for long-term assistance for family with sick mum”

  1. Ely Riduan says:

    Hi Gilbert, how can we donate to this family?

  2. Melbourne says:

    Look for Community Development Council and apply for financial assistance via the case manager, look for the nearest FSC to see if they can assisit also. Many avenues for help. Should travelling down be troublesome for them, please call 1800-222-0000 for them to send someone down to assist your case. Hope this helps.

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