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Saturday January 13th 2018

Husband feeling anxious about jobless suicidal spouse

Hi Gilbert,

Good day to you.

I just want to drop you an email to express my thanks and appreciation for all you have done for me and all Singaporeans.

Your website is not only a source of encouragement for those who are unemployed and their love ones and also serve as a warning of the things to come if we are not careful in planning our finances and also our careers!

Five years ago, my wife, who is a degree graduate and is in the financial service industry, was out of work for close to a year.

She decided not renew her contract as she wanted to rest after working continuously for 10 years.

Due to her job role and perhaps bad luck, she was not offered a permanent role as her type of job is highly vulnerable to be outsourced to other cheaper locations (ie. Malaysia, India, Philippines and even Poland) even though she has always been a dedicated employee and her reporting managers had given her good performance appraisal.

After resting a while, my wife decided to look for a job again as she was bored at home. For the next few months, after failing to secure a job, she has fallen into depression.

During that time I was really struggling in how I should be a good support to her given that we are not financially strapped and even after I have given her a very big and comfortable allowance every month – yet she feels very emotional, temperamental and highly irritable.

There was a time it was so bad that she contemplated committing suicide during these months.

The good news is that she has recently secured a job and will be starting work soon. We accepted the fact given her job role specialization, a contract role will be the norm in Singapore these days.

I just want to say a big thank you for your great efforts in extending your help and support to all down and out Singaporeans and I hope you will continue in your good work.

You have definitely inspired me to continue to look out and help those in need and please do let me know how I can contribute to your cause!




Hi Winston

Sorry for the delay in responding.

Unemployment can be rather destabilising especially if the person is a high achiever ie he derives alot of satisfaction from his job,

Your wife could be suffering from a lack of self esteem as a result of her unemployment.

Do understand her situation and affirm her more on her other qualities -  as a mother, housewife among others.

But I am glad that you mentioned that she has already found a job.

I guess people in Singapore equate too much of their self worth on a piece of job which is quite sad as we have other stuff we can do to prove our own qualities.

Let me know if she wants to speak with a counsellor. We can off er her one free of charge.

Can we also post up the mail leaving out the part about your wife or you can provide an abridged version for us?

I also have attached our ebook How to survive unemployment for your reading pleasure.

Let me know.

We are here for you.


Gilbert Goh

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3 Responses to “Husband feeling anxious about jobless suicidal spouse”

  1. sal says:

    Hi Winston, life is getting harder especially for middle and lower income earners. You and wife need to be strong physically and mentally to survive in the current situation. Just live a simple life and save for rainy day…take care n all the best.

  2. Melbourne says:

    Since both of you are now employed, rem to save as much as you can. And if she is down, she can volunteer at various organisations. By volunteering with the needy, she would get to value what she has more and realized that she is alot better off then some people and that may bring her out of depression. Thats what I did for myself in the past.

  3. Solver says:

    There are people who are suffering much worse out there…We do not appreciate what we are blessed with.

    Boredom can be destroyed easily and get a job n kick start your life…simple as that.

    Why cry and feel depressed???
    Move on in Life…Simplicity is the Best and it bring way more satisfaction.

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