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Monday February 4th 2019

Jobless PMET wrote in to warn fellow Singaporeans of ominous situation

Good morning Gilbert,

I have applied many positions but only received one rejected reply.

This job has the lowest salary and qualifications.

Yet, I was rejected.

All the jobs I applied are within the government.

If MOM can’t help much, I’m turning my direction towards the government.

Our government encourages Singapore employers to give priority to Singaporeans when it comes to hiring employees.

I am sure the civil sector would lead an example in helping jobless fellow Singaporeans.

It’s very sad.

Now, whenever I wake up, I always ask myself, “What ever happened to my beloved Singapore?”

A place where I always pick up litter whenever I see one.

I am shocked and dazed.

We, Singaporeans are like the lions in the Singapore Zoo.

Once they put wildlife lions in our cage, we have nowhere to run.

Many are chased out of the cage to go into the wilderness like Johor Bahru, Batam, Indonesia and Thailand.

Our zoo handler tells us to be competitive, to keep up.

They promised in-house training to let us catch up.

Can we?

Either we are starved to death or get out of the cage.

Or, we keep fighting with the wildlife lions, living in constant struggle.

I thought joining the civil sector would provide me a protection barrier against these wildlife animals.

They don’t play by the rules.

Every now and then, I have to watch my back constantly.

After all, it’s a jungle game out there.

Twenty years ago, I would have never guessed this coming.

I was so happy when Lee Hsien Loong became the PM.

I even prayed for his good health.

What a twist of fate, as now I must pray for my own survival.

I am asking you to post my letter to warn fellow Singaporeans.

Don’t laugh at your fellow Singaporeans and read their story like a gossip column.

One day, your turn will come.

(Changed my name to Lynn)

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6 Responses to “Jobless PMET wrote in to warn fellow Singaporeans of ominous situation”

  1. anthony says:

    It took extreme circumstances where you’re forced to take the red pill and wake up from the matrix. Unfortunately, 60% of Singaporeans are still in the matrix due to either ignorance or selfishness.

    That’s why I always said, most Singaporeans have no foresight, no wisdom, are selfish and have no empathy for the less fortunate. As long as they are not personally affected, they’ll continue to vote for the same. We deserved to be screwed by the government, cos we are the ones who voted them in.

    Welcome to the enlightened club. I hope you won’t lose your newfound wisdom the moment you find a job.

  2. sal says:

    Hi Lynn, how many chances have you give the current party to govern Spore? I’ve tried to vote for a change but maybe the 60.1% have better forsight than me…..hope future party that govern Spore will put Sporeans first in planning their policies.

  3. Befair says:

    There’s an unspoken ‘elitist’ mentality in many civil servants. Yes, they actually think they can ride roughshod over private sector employees. By pushing their jobs to you while they just do the ‘reporting’ to their equally lazy bosses/directors.. Those who have worked with civil servants before will know this.

    I think the problem is they are over-paid and overly secure with their jobs, in fact many are Malaysians or ex-Malaysians. These days they are even Indians & Burmese. The civil service cannot be an organisation for people (regardless of their citizenships) to take shelter in while they ride on the backs of others.

    Our civil service is paid for by TAX PAYERS’ monies…WE Singaporeans are actually their bosses, yet many of them pay scant respect to the public these days. Because they know that to remove them takes a hell lot of ‘justifications’. Any adverse complains on them only affects their current year’s bonus prospects.

    Something must be done to jolt these people of their senses. The entire system needs a revamp, their salaries must be brought down closer to the average income earner.

  4. xyz says:

    U poor ignorant fool. Civil service all along work by CEP. And they don’t hire jobless people, especially jobless degree holders.

    They also have HR guideline to indicate minimum achievement based on age and qualification. For e.g. if you’re a 40 yr old degree holder, you need to be currently employed as at least senior manager in large company earning at least $6,000/mth and you’re applying for a Director-level position in civil service/stat board.

    Otherwise the civil service will think there is something wrong with you and their HR will mark you as incapable. Needless to say, they will simply junk your CV.

    This is the main reason why most degree holders above 35 don’t get employed into civil service, unless they are already private sector high-fliers, or unless they have strong contacts with senior directors, MDs, CEOs in civil service/stat boards.

    For older people, it is the lower educated ITE and below that gets the highest chance of being hired by civil service, but of course for shit jobs.

    And for civil service/stat board job applications, please don’t bluff and say that you only have O-levels or A-levels in order to grab any job, when in fact you have diploma or degree. Coz this is chargeable offence in S’pore and you will be fined or jailed. Different from private sector, where you can bluff until the devil roll over & die.

  5. ty says:

    i just think that singaporeans should stand up and face the problems they afced in the 21st century. they should stop the complainign as it would not help them at all. If they continue to whine like the past they would be replaced by the stronger one more able bodied ones. deal with the fact that it is the 21st century there isnt something like singapore jobs given to singaporeans only, if there is something better companies would definielty chose the better one. WAKE UP SINGAPOREANS so that we can kick foriegners butt.
    if u dont take action now, when are u goign to do so

  6. tt says:

    Ty, the situation now is difficult to undo. So many foreigners came in, and by playing politics at work, they climb to the top positions. (some don’t even have the skillset, just know how to talk and backstab.)
    Many Singaporean folks are honest and too kind and civilized to handle these political folks. Now, these top foreigners folks just don’t fit into Singaporean work culture and bring in practices that Singaporean cannot stand.

    Why Singaporean lose their jobs because of these foreign top talent who are bad managers? Whatever skills future is useless. I can see that these manager do not need skilled workforce, just want people who know how to play by their books.

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