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Thursday January 24th 2019

Another complaint on poor service at Changi Airport Terminal two

Hello Gilbert,

Having read your post on a bad service encounter with Changi Airport, I am writing in to share my bad experience with one customer service counter in Terminal 2.

It seems that Changi Airport does not give two hoots about customer service these days and complacency has already set it.

I emailed them my complaint on the 28th May.

However, I did not received any reply (

A feedback on their website drew an error certificate as their feedback site has been down for some time.

I even posted a message on the Facebook page but only received a reply from the admin claiming that she will forward it to the relevant department.

Till this day, no relevant parties from Changi Airport has been in contact with me.

Here’s my experience:

On the 27th of May 2014 at around 9:15 pm, I approached one customer service counter to ask for a paper clip for my SIM card.

The 2 officers in charge were Miss Magdalene See and Miss Pammy Kaur.

Miss Magdelene hardly looked up from her desktop and Miss Pammy Kaur dismissed me off rudely and said that I should try another counter.

This counter is just opposite of Paul and Shark boutique in Terminal 2.

Since I was there and was heading to Pandora, I went on to ask them where Pandora was.

Miss Magdelene, still seated and with eyes on her desktop, said that it was ‘just behind me’.

Her tone was obviously very sarcastic.

Now, I can understand that the info counter might be there to provide information to passengers.

Asking if they have a paper clip would be a little beyond their job scope.

But the least they could do is to inform me in a courteous tone.

Another info counter with a Malay gentleman in duty was forthcoming and courteous.

He even offered me to keep the paper clip.

This counter was just below the smoking area, relatively near to Tiffany & Co.

I am pretty sure that I am not being sensitive on this issue.

But, I really do think that the 2 officers could have handled the situation better.

The most basic, even if she wanted to remain seated, was to give me some level of eye contact.

I was not even greeted when I approached the counter.

Furthermore, their tone was hardly hospitable.

None of the two smiled.

I am very disappointed with this as I feel strongly about good passenger service. (as what Changi Airport brands itself to be.)

Obviously, I am confident that they had invested considerably to provide exemplary service with the rating monitors around.

If I were a tourist who’s visiting Singapore for the first time, I would be quite taken aback with the level of service and have a very bad impression on Singapore.

I plead with you, Gilbert, to publish this post.

We, Singaporeans, take pride in our Changi Airport as it is our pride, our investment, our sovereignty.

In the light of the Indian FT duty manager shouting at passengers incident and the bad experience of the sender, we can strongly infer that  Changi Airport is slipping very dangerously in its service standard.

If nothing is being done about this deteriorating standard, we might lose it altogether.

Thanks Gilbert.

Feel free to contact me at 943 xxxxx

Best regards,

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  2. Alan Chen says:

    I like to share my horrible experience with one customer service counter in Terminal One Premium Check in Suite
    We are Australian passport holders. We booked our tickets from Singapore to Xiamen through Bravofly web site(, it only allowed First name and last name to be entered. We were told at Singapore Airport that there is a special requirements regarding to middle name by Xiamen Airlines, the check in staff (from Premium Check in Suite) said that our middle names were required because we are Chinese. We were insulted by the comments made by the check in staff that middle name is not required for European, in particularly she mentioned that a Caucasian is not required to match middle name. Xiamen airlines has special requirements on middle name but its system refuses to change middle names for more than 4 characters.My wife’s middle name contains 5 characters, so we were forced to purchase an additional costly ticket from Xiamen airline without any option and help from airport staff. We were warned by Xiamen Airline on the phone that ticket might be unavailable if we didn’t pay for an additional ticket immediately. Xiamen airlines didn’t accept international credit card payment, we will definitely miss the flight and stuck in the airport without payment from my relative from China. We felt helpless and under enormously pressure at airport. We travel regularly but this was the worst nightmare we ever had, it ruined our tour. Singapore Airport said they were following instructions from Xiamen Airlines. We suffered a total lost of CNY6134.00 plus enormous stress from this ordeal.

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