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Friday January 25th 2019

Singaporean PMET working in Citibank fears displacement by Indian superior

Hi Gilbert,

Thanks for your swift reply.

I will provide more details.

I am currently working in CitiBank.

During the earlier years, we have a good blend of local and foreign talent from India, Philippines and Malaysia.

However, it all changed 2 years ago.

This was due to restructuring and cost cutting.

They only allow certain vendors to provide resource when hiring manager, including yours truly.

I have 6 people reporting to me and all are from India since I have no other alternative to hire resource.

The worst happened when my boss was asked to leave last year as management refresh alignment and they hired a new guy from India.

This person has high self esteem and never take his subordinates feedback into consideration.

What’s more, he treats people whom are below his rank with no respect.

Now, he is targeting me as I’m the only local and non-Indian in the organization chart.

He speaks and jokes loudly during meeting using only Indian language.

He’s oblivious to others.

He shouts and uses abusive language when he wants work done by me and my team.

Latest update, he wanted to remove me claiming that I do not come up to his expectations.

All of my records with Citibank has always been beyond average.

He has escalated to HR on the out-going process and I am now at mercy of this manager.

I have 2 babies to feed.

I have a 2 month old baby and 2 year old toddler.

How could I quit in impulse?



Editor’s note: We have verified the writer’s employment with Citibank.

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9 Responses to “Singaporean PMET working in Citibank fears displacement by Indian superior”

  1. Sinkies says:

    if you cant bare working in a global company then quit. working in a global company would mean exposing yourself to the corporate world with diverse culture. it’s kinda annoying when you complain and you start tagging people based on nationality. if you feel there’s a power-tripping then you raise it up to your HR which I supposed youve done and not to a website to vent out to the rest pf singaporeans that you feel youre being looked down by other nationality. you see the problem here is insecurity. i suggest you resolve that issue within yourself before you decide in jumping to the bandwagon of the corporate world. you said you are working beyond average, ask again — why would a manager let go of an exceptional talent when you are also reflective of what your manager is capable of? seriously. that’s how corporate world works. employee does the job, the bosses take the credit — so for them to get extra credits they keep worth-keeping employees. with how you’re lamenting right now and your way of seeking attention to your issue, it’s pretty obvious that this relates to your ego/pride which chances are relate to you being a singaporean. if i was your boss and even im singaporean and saw this post, ill push to get you kicked out of the company.

  2. sal says:

    Hi Larry, this is the real world out there..especially these groups of people….they are like mercenaries. You better have your CV prepare, there’s no more iron rice bowl anymore. Wish you the best and take care.

  3. flip_flop says:

    To me is more or less game over already, this kind of thing normal in this industry.

    Suggest you quickly update CV and start looking for job now, dont wait for the chop to come then panic.

    Usually jun to dec is lull period for hiring, so jobs wont come easy. If you wait until sacking then start to look then most likely jobless for >3 mths.

  4. aaa says:

    U shld take ur remaining citibank bonus n hire some gangsters to whack the neh n his family. tt’s how they do it in india. we shld learn frm foreigners — harder striving n harder hitting.

  5. Stanley says:

    This is just typical mnc office politiking. You write to Gilbert for what? He can’t help you play the politics, you have to figure it out yourself.

    All mnc is the same, carry balls, play politics, siam work and wayang for credit is expected.

  6. sgthinker75 says:

    Larry, could understand and feel about your situation however not all Indian having the same attitude. Those attitude you have mention are mostly seen with educated Indian who are arrogant in fact they are just nothing in front of us. I have encountered those attitude even I am working oversea. Hope you can get over it and take care.

  7. Dico says:

    Call me a racist but, India Indians are the worst people that you can work with in the world.

    Some of the worst bosses are Indians and they are not welcome in every part of the world, In fact most people hated the India Indians more than any other Asians in the West.

  8. Casey says:

    Hi Larry, empathize with your situation. I maybe able to help. call me at 91917799

  9. Random HR executive says:

    Old post from 2015, but would like to share my $0.02 worth. If Larry really was rated above average, then he has nothing to fear. A manager cannot give a rating of above average in 1 year and suddenly below average in the next. Any company with decent HR policies would definitely look into this if there was a complaint raised.

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