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Thursday February 7th 2019

Singaporean frustrated with bad service provided by Filipino workers at Changi Airport

Dear Sir/Mdm,

On 8 June 2014 at about 1800hrs, I called Changi Airport Passengers Meeting Service (65439297) to book their service.

A man with a foreign accent answered the call.

I asked him if he received my email and he acknowledged.

He told me to come down personally 2 hours before flight landing to make cash payment.

I asked if I could pay when I come to receive the guest, as I didn’t want to make 2 trips.

He told me if I want to use their service, I must come down to pay.

Again, I explained to him that the payment is not an issue and I only want to know if there is another alternative.

He started to raise his voice and told me if we Singaporeans got no cash, why do we still book their service?

At this point of time, I got very angry because as this man is working in a service sector at the best airport in the world.

How could he provides a customer this kind of rude service?

I asked to talk to the manager and he said he is the manager and the boss there.

I asked for his name and he said to me, “You want to complain, do go ahead. My name is Roan, I spell for you R-O-A-N.” (If I’m not wrong.)

I asked him which country he’s from as he didn’t sound like a Singaporean.

He replied, “Phillipines lah, You got a problem with that.”

With that, he hung up the phone.

I tried calling back a few times but no one answered.

After a while, I managed to call back and talked to the manager, Mr Ernie (I hope I spelt it correctly).

He is also a Filipino.

I explained to him about the situation.

Why is that guy so rude and even challenged me to lodge a compliant?

What is happening to Singapore?

Few weeks back, we had an Indian national manager who was very rude to the guest (was out in Facebook), and now this happened.

Is this the standard of service we expect from Changi Airport?

If we want to stay as the best airport in the world, first we have to do something with this kind of service.

I’m disappointed to be in my own country and scolded by foreigners.

Hope I get a reply soon.

Thanks and regards,

Mohamed Ali

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6 Responses to “Singaporean frustrated with bad service provided by Filipino workers at Changi Airport”

  1. Josh says:

    To Mr. Mohamed Ali,

    Good day! I am sorry you had such experience on Changi Airport and that person should really be reprimanded. No one should ever be treated like that.

    However, I would like to point out that it is so easy to misrepresent someone. My limited knowledge only know of two nationalities using the suffix “lah” in an informal conversation, Singaporeans and Malaysians. I highly doubt he was a Filipino. Filipinos usually use the words “sir” and “madam” for courtesy and listen attentively. Being rude is the last thing Filipinos would do unless provoked. How about the real manager? He is Filipino right? How did he handle your complaint?

    Nevertheless, that person should be reprimanded. Changi Airport is a well respected airport and should not be shadowed with these incidents.


  2. sal says:

    What to do?….this the side effect of young, fast n cheap. Maybe the NTUC have the solutions..

  3. Omar says:

    Filipinos don’t (NEVER) say lah. It was probably a Malaysian trying to hide his country’s pride.

  4. Sinkies says:

    one of the many reasons why I see web-present singaporeans sooo dumb. prolly the reason why they’re not hired even by their own countrymen. they’re bunch of patriotic senseless idiots.

  5. sgthinker75 says:

    haha…I doubt too Filipino will used “lah” in their conversation. usually, this is only local and Malaysian will inherit that speaking ….

  6. babyboy says:

    Usually filipino wil not use la and they will use sir/madam they will retort rude behaviour when you are extremely nasty to them. I also think its malaysian.

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