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Monday February 4th 2019

Jobless graduate don’t feel proud to be a Singaporean anymore

Hi Gilbert,

I chanced upon your website while Googling support for unemployed.

Your website appeared before my eyes and I read the posts with a sharp pain in my heart.

Your website gives me an avenue to voice my inner feelings that I have been concealing.

Letting go is important, but it’s hard for now.

Being able to air it out helps alleviate the build-up anger and pain within my heart.

As a pure Singaporean, it never dawned on me that I would someday become a part of the unemployed community in my very own country.

Despite the changes in our environment and leadership, I have always loved my country.

In fact, I feel very proud of Singapore, especially in the way she has marketed herself to the world in recent years.

Wherever I was, I was always proud to say that I am a Singaporean.

But ever since I got retrenched during Chinese New Year this year, I felt ashamed of myself.

I’m educated and experienced, yet I’m jobless in my own country. 

I have friends who are foreigners in Singapore. They have jobs, but here I am — jobless in the country I was born, bred and educated.

Some years ago, when I went overseas to work, I always missed Singapore.

I always felt good hearing SQ saying “Welcome home”.

Even when I was out of Singapore for a mere two weeks,  I would still miss my country — not just the wide array of fantastic food, but the sense of safety when walking alone in the streets.

In fact, I even missed some of the nice government leaders.

This freedom and security are not always present in certain countries like the one I went to work for for two years.

The country is so unsafe to be alone in the streets.

Life then was just work and work.

Born in a poor large family, my demise Dad ,who belonged to the past era , had repeatedly emphasized to us the need to work hard in order to stay alive.

I was a faithful follower of my Dad’s guidance.

I worked my way up, through part-time studies to secure my hard-earned diploma, advanced diploma and degree.

Sadly, even being equipped with these plus overseas exposure in leadership position is no immunity from retrenchment.

Welcome to the real, transformed and rapidly evolving world.

While it is only human to feel down, let’s solidify as one and support each other in the search of hope.

Our lives are worth more than our jobs and it is time to reinvent ourselves.

I am still finding myself but have decided to have a career switch by doing something I enjoy — like teaching, writing and researching.

Again, it is going to be challenging.

Because I lack the typical 3-5 years experience expected from such jobs.

But let’s press on.

Being alive itself is a hope.

Together we can build hope for our fellowmen and women.

Let’s jia you!

Tomorrow will be better.


Editor’s note: The writer has 20 over years of experience in procurement in the engineering industry and a degree in business administration.

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Reader Feedback

3 Responses to “Jobless graduate don’t feel proud to be a Singaporean anymore”

  1. Manson says:

    Don’t lose heart on Singapore just because you jobless now. There are plenty of jobs here. Of course everyone want a good paying job. Just have to look longer. All this poor foreigners are here working hard because they have no jobs at home. If not why leave their family behind and work like cow and horse here. Compared to them we Singaporean are much more fortunate. So just don’t lose heart on yourself and Singapore.

  2. Al says:

    Don’t just see 1 tree & miss the whole forest. If this place don’t provide opportunity for you, try something else or place. Where there is a will, there is a way. Like what our PeeM said to LTK it’s so easy to say but after if fail who will do the massaging – it’s the gahmen right? What I m saying is that it’s so easy to tell people never give up, ultimately the choice is all yours. U can to switch career, explore other opportunities or go elsewhere the choice is all yours. I believe God help those who help themselves, everyone here is unique & May God Bless U Amen.

  3. sal says:

    Hi Annie, I have been jobless for 6 months and I know your situation. Maybe you can do some tuition until you find a job. Its good to make yourself busy, hope future party that govern Spore will make a Spore First in their policies decision…. You must take care of your citizens first!

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