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Monday January 14th 2019

Father of two faces court order and arrest if can’t pay $1800 maintenance to ex-wife

Hi Gilbert
Please see enclosed.
Eventually, I will become a criminal for not able to pay $1800 / mth¬† after¬† ‘fighting’ and ‘spending’ so much legal fees just to see/ access my children because of HER blockage, etc.

Will be followed by ‘Warrant of Arrest’ if I still don’t comply.

16th May will be my 1st session -  this is disruptive to my job  if  it continues to  drag through.

My boss wont be happy that I¬† kept taking half day – I may¬† lose my job left or right…sad.

Meanwhile I am paying about $800 -  far from the maintenance of $1800 imposed by the court.

No, I cant afford maintenance of $1800 now with so much  legal fees, etc. And sadly proceedings still on going unless  she let me access my children.

The legal debts will¬† kill me, not to mention high court appeal costs… stupid system.
My ex-spouse previous many many false allegations against me…Police reports/escalated PMO, etc can’t kill me. But now the LAW is helping her to ‘kill me’.
This LAW/legal system is all out to damage and destroy any good man good father.

Something is extremely wrong here!


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6 Responses to “Father of two faces court order and arrest if can’t pay $1800 maintenance to ex-wife”

  1. sal says:

    Who will win in case of divorce?……. The lawyers, both of you have to pay of legal fees and the worst loser will be the kids.

  2. lili says:

    that is the standard statement in a letter wr u r req to attend court if u not aware.especially if u chose to ignore literally. au should present your own affidavit stating or showing your mthly expenses etc include bills. that child maintenance is you that can also speak up n decide how much u can afford to pay unless u refuse to pay. perhaps u should counter propose for kids visit or stay over whereby if she failed to oblidge d ball is in her cpurt bck. dont seat n sulk. what u can do. .do it. if u cannot do it propose something better. im not a lawyer but i wrote my own affidavit n hv a commisioner of oath signed it. i did not use any lawyer svcs. n i always arranged appt oc course to my convenient. womens chapter also can be use by mens..incase u dont know.

  3. Ken says:

    it is not making any common sense to get marry in Singapore. Being a man is cursed in singapore, we have NS and outdated women charters and our booksmart only ladies think they are very clever and wants everything in the own way. Infact they are ‘gey kiang’ and mess things up. The strangest thing is they are educated but like to listen to others only and not their husbands.

  4. Siah says:

    I also my income only $1500 and I have to pay $1700 to her the court is unfiar my hose also have to sell she want 50% and i don’t know go where

  5. anonymous says:

    so you have so much money to fight case but no money to pay maintenance?
    did you even think for your kids when you reopen the case? you are wasting your kids’s money. cos your ex-wife is trying to hard to save up for their future but you just want to revenge thus wasting your kids’s money. court doesnt make an order just like that. court knows your real earning capacity. looking for a low pay job doesnt mean you can just pretend you are broke. stop complaining and get a real job as a real man. your kids are the real ones who suffer if you keep reopening cases. are you sure you love your kids?

  6. agongkia says:

    Life is miserable to Sinkie men .
    Marry wrong one can get bullied and being boss around.
    Avoid quarrel can be seen as kiabor.Any violent it will be seen as men being the violent one.
    Divorce oso got to pay a price.Sigh….

    Only way is to propose to allow polygamy.
    But no one support me.So Sinkies deserve it.What’s wrong with having more wife?

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