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Wednesday February 20th 2019

7 Ways To Recession-Proof Your Job

This post first appeared here on 15 April 2010.

7 Ways To Recession-Proof Your Job

Written by: Gilbert Goh

I have heard from many friends that they fear for their job. Every month, someone will be laid off and they sweat while sleeping at night wondering whether they will be the next to go. Some dread going to work and find that they are unable to log into their PC – the sure sign that HR will call you next into their dreaded office announcing the nail-on-the-coffin news.

I have pen down 7 ways to recession-proof your job. Hopefully this will help you to stay on your job as long as possible.

1. Have a positive attitude at work

People always  like workers with a positive attitude at work. Bosses always try to retain those who light up the work place with their optimism and light-hearted spirit. Having to choose between laying off someone who is  always smiling  and those that work  passively, it is clear who will get retained.

So always smile and ackonwledge others at work. Even when the company is doing badly, your affectionate attitude will help to light up the office environment and even help you stay on the job.

2. Volunteer for tough assignment

A friend told me how he manages to held on to his job by accepting a posting overseas. They have given him an either-or option and he has  taken the plunge to a third world country with both eyes closed. Things turn out to be not so bad and he told me  that life is slower there. More importantly, he is still working on when his colleagues are being retrenched.

So, volunteer for  hard-core work projects that others shy away from.  Sound out to your bosses that you do not mind being pass on projects that others avoid.  Most bosses will prefer to hold on to executives who are not fussy about their work scope. They are seen as an asset that no one wants to let off.

3. Be indispensable

A friend who works in the bank told me how she became indispensable by trying to learn more about the others’ job scope and became a multi-tasking ¬†worker in the process. Whenever someone is sick or on leave, she will cover their duties and became a regular covering officer on top of her own duties.

Bosses  like a worker who is an all-rounder and dependable.

Do your job so well that no one can replace you also helps here. Some workers I know are experts in their own field. This is especially so for sales or marketing job. If you are the top salesman in your field, I am sure that you will be the last to be laid off.

4. Network with your bosses

Short of saying that you are boot licking, it is important that you network more with bosses in your own company. Often, before deciding who to lay off executives, managers will come together  and discuss on each individual worker. Those who care to network with the bosses at work often get a reprieve provided if their work performace is undented. Managers, being human, will prefer to keep someone that they know than those that keep a low profile.

So,  go and network more with your bosses. Invite them out for lunch and chat with them about anything under the sun.  You may never know that lunch appointment with your boss will ave your job in the near future.

5.  Go for bond-tied  training

The last time I went for a diploma course provided for by my company, I was told to sign a bond for two years. Though initially reluctant, I was glad later that it provided me almost with two more  years of work. To get out of the bond, one has to pay back the full course fee which can be a few thousand dollars.

However, I am sure that such bonded training courses havel ¬†cease now as many companies are cutting down on training cost. ¬†If your company still provides such bonded courses, it may be good to go for it. You can go for free sponsored upgrading plus you have work stability at least during the duration of the bond. It’s a double bonus here.

6.  Network with your suppliers and even competitors

Learn to network with your suppliers and others who visited your company.

A friend of mine was laid off last year in Sydney but was fortunate to be rehired 3 weeks after by a competitor company. As he knew  the manager in charge, the employment was smooth and without any other competition.  Not only that, he even has a pay rise with the new job! How fortunate can you get?

So expand your network and email them when you have their namecards. Keep them informed of your progress and when you are retrenched, they could be the people that will provide you the leads to your next job.

7.  Prepare yourself for the next job

I have friends who are already planning for their next job when they are still currently working. For example, a friend of mine is helping out at his friend’s western food stall as a helper frying chips and grilling chicken chop in the evening to prepare for the day when he is being ¬†laid off as a banking executive.

He told me that he has plan to set up his own western food stall and the experience at his friend’s ¬†stall ¬†helps him alot to ¬†reduce the setting up time if he is really being ¬†laid off.

I hope that I have provided you some beneficial tips to stay at your job in this turbulent time.  However, some may inadvertently still be laid off despite working hard in their job. Companies simply fold up when they do not have enough business to substain their operation. Hopefully, those hours spend at networking with friends and business associates will pay off. The saying goes that you will reap what you have sown  is often provened true.

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  3. Shang Lee says:

    A job cannot be recession proof within the job itself. Yes, you can do all these things, but your job will always be in someone else’s control. Gain control of yourself, and you don’t need to recession proof your job. You will be making yourself recession proof. You will start investing in yourself. You will start learning and growing yourself. Suddenly, you will be doing all the things on this checklist (and more!!) without using this checklist.

  4. oks says:

    or be a PAP dog …

  5. Coach Purses says:

    this blog is very good,i like it.

  6. Sal says:

    When F/T join in your company, teach him/her 10% of the jobs…maybe the boss will not retrench u then.

  7. scada tan says:

    or emigrate.

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