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Friday January 18th 2019

Protest against Philippines Independence Celebration on 8 June 11am at Civic Plaza Ngee Ann City

Dear Singaporeans,

We are calling on Singaporeans to show your displeasure with the Philippines Independence Celebration on 8 June by participating in a silent protest outside Civic Plaza Ngee Ann City.

There will be no violence but only dignified peaceful presence and we will wear black as a sign of protest.

We also urge you to bring along your placards as a sign of protest against the publicised celebration.

The protest will only resume if the authorities have given approval for the celebration to carry on. Note that the authorities have yet to receive any application from the organising group.

We are glad that foreigners from different nationalities have  live and work among us but the celebration of a solemn sensitive occasion such as independence day should be done privately and far away from the public eye.

Let us reiterate that we have nothing against the Filipinos, the same call for protest will happen if other nationalities decide to celebrate their national day in downtown Orchard.

The Filipinos can celebrate it in the embassy ground, hotel ballroom or even in a park but doing it in downtown Orchard Road is a slap to our face and more importantly give us the feeling that our sovereignty is being threatened.

We also guard our independence zealously and would not want to share it with any other nationality.

Moreover, will you be happy if we celebrate our national day in a downtown shopping belt in Manila by the thousands openly waving our flag and signing our national anthem?

We hope that our foreigner friends will respect us as this is our land, our country and we will do our utmost best to guard it – even with our lives if we have to.

Its now up to you Singaporeans to show your loyalty to our country – Singapore for Singaporeans!

Gilbert Goh
Movement for a better Singapore

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7 Responses to “Protest against Philippines Independence Celebration on 8 June 11am at Civic Plaza Ngee Ann City”

  1. are says:

    Need I remind you of Singapore Day in Australia?

  2. ph says:

    the filipinos are playing a wait-and-see game with the locals.

  3. Steve Chen says:

    Wow, what a racist.

  4. SG Boy says:

    Singapore Day is not a National Day or “Independence DAY” !!!

    Pinoy are celebrating their National day in Singapore and it also call planting their flat in my country soil ! So Fark off !

  5. Singapore Day is not National Day says:

    Need I remind you that Singapore Day in Australia is not Singapore National Day in Australia and doesn’t fall on 9 August?

  6. icedwater says:

    “Transitioning.Org was set up to provide support for those who are unemployed.” Clearly this is relevant to the original purpose of the site and not a blatant abuse of a platform.

  7. YO! says:

    In this day and age where international boundaries are slowly being erased by globalization, communication gaps being eradicated by internet and technological innovations, cultural and ethnic differences being understood and accepted by many, opportunities as endless as the horizon, the world becoming interconnected from all ends…we see a select group of individuals resisting all the changes that are taking place and creating a small world where only a few can belong and shutting out all the rest. It’s sad. Kapayapaan sa lahat at mabuhay ang kasarinlan ng Pilipinas!

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