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Sunday February 25th 2018

Mother of two worried about husband’s termination and facing rental eviction

Dear Gilbert,

My husband is working in XXXX  as a product manager.

He joined the company since 01 Nov 2013 and is still under six months probation till 30 April 2014.

He was working fine.

The boss and the Head of Department never complained about his work performance.

Today, he was asked to either hand in his resignation letter or the company will terminate him.

According to them, his performance was not up to expectation.

During his probation, he slogged his guts out.

It is not fair that the company is terminating his service without providing a valid reason.

My family is in great financial difficulty.

I have a 4-year-old son and a 2-year-old special need daughter.

My daughter is enrolled in Rainbow Center for Autistic Specturm Disorder.

She has speech delay.

We are depending on my husband’s job as I have to take care of my children. His basic salary is $3500, but he is the sole breadwinner of the family. We went to some social service, but was turn away due to his salary scale.

We have also seek help from the MP to get some help, especially allow us to rent direct from HDB but HDB turned us down.

We are also facing eviction from our landlord as we have not paid our rental on time.

We are really at our wit’s end and I am under depression because of all the financial and physical stress.

I would like to know, can a company dismiss an employee without a valid reason even if he is under probation?

Will he be paid any commission that he is suppose to get once confirmed?

We need to move out of our current place by 18th May but we are not able to pay a deposit and rent another place as the landlord will not refund our deposit.

Please help us. I am really very stressed. For more information on my husband’s job, you may contact him at 8111 xxxx.

Thank you.


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5 Responses to “Mother of two worried about husband’s termination and facing rental eviction”

  1. ase says:

    Unfortunately, probation gives the company unlimited rights. Even if you were not on probation, the company only needs to pay you for the notice period (which, if not specified on your contract, by law can be as short as ONE DAY, if you have been working for less than 26 weeks). Valid reason. Ha ha ha. If you need one more valid reason to change the entire rotten employment system, here you go.

  2. Chillax says:

    I know i am not helping by telling you that the company have the legal right to terminate you without reason. if need be, they can easily justify. The whole root of the problem lies in an non existent union force in politics, a lack of respect of employment rights and of course, the blatant lack of local job protection.

    But perhaps i might point your husband in another direction.

    Are you aware that the PAP government gives out millons of dollars in grants to SME every year. PIC, ICV, IDA grants and so on. If you do some research, you will realise, with good presentation skill and a feasible business idea, you could get tens of thousand of funding easily? heck! your idea doesnt even need to be a blockbuster, just feasible.

    the various agencies are under fire to disburse the grant and they are more than willing to give it to you. I am speaking from experience.for one of our company, we have so far collected over 60K from PIC alone, on top of that, We are on track for a 50K grant from the IDA and add in additional 30K we got from Spring Singapore. this bring 2013 and 1st quarter 2014 to almost 100k of money. The business basically pays itself..

    Of course this is all an irony because our subsidiaries are backed by strong private equity partners and the government are simply giving “copper to the chileans”. But its a political move to support SME and why not exploit it rather than working for a few K.

  3. sal says:

    Its the gov policies that allow this type of situation. If policies make it more transparent, these dodgy companies will have to answer to the authorities or ombudsman when someone is sack illegally. Workers in Spore are bring deprived of worker’s rights and being treated like numbers. Hope future party who gov the city will amend the policies to suit the workers.

  4. anthony says:

    It is an unfortunate event but do not blame it on the company. What rotten employment system and what dodgy companies? That is only an assumption.

    It is always easy to blame it on some imaginary big guy but remember, the superior or boss is also a human like all of us. No one will let go of an employee that is of value to a company and go through the hiring process again just for the fun of it. And if the market changes or the business climate changes, and the role is no longer required, is that the fault of the company as well?

    Do you want to have a maid that is super hardworking, but doesn’t do her work well and is thus ineffective and yet you can’t ask her to go? Do you want a maid that you can’t ask to go even though you’ve lost your job and can’t afford her anymore?

    Don’t get the government involved any deeper in this, it’ll only make things worse. All the government need to do is to stop unfair labour practices (letting in foreign labour by the truckload) and let capitalism do it’s work.

  5. sal says:

    @Anthony, good policies will protect citizens from being marginalized by FWs, Hiring Managers and Dodgy Companies……As a gov, you always protect or make sure that your citizens have a job first before others….happy citizens, happy city!

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