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Sunday January 21st 2018

Married woman struggling with husband’s debts and wanted to jump off building with kids

Hi Gilbert,

Please find the attached resume for clarification.

As for my life story, I have gone through many hardships.

My parents died when I was young.

I struggled to reach where I am now but after marriage, the whole world shattered and I have to start all over again.

My husband got into a credit card issue and am struggling to pay back the money.

I’m not denying that I don’t play a part in this problem.

I have helped him to borrow money from my relatives and even my brothers.

However, they stopped helping us as they know that my husband will never change.

I also borrowed from friends. Alas, one of them took advantage of me. My so-called friend encouraged me to divorce my husband and sell my house, instead.

Back then, I was working in the bank.

My boss noticed that I was troubled so he spoke to me and informed me about CCS, an organisation that might help my husband.

I passed the contact to him.

At first, he was unwilling to seek help but when he reached at the level where he could not managed, he approached them for help.

During the entire process, my husband blamed his anger on me and our sons.

He blamed me for getting ourselves into this mess.

I’ve been in and out of jobs (including contract jobs.)

I am trying hard to find a permanent job.

I know I need to support my family, due to my hubby’s credit card matters.

I am the sole breadwinner of the family – this will probably go on for another one and a half year before he clears the debt.

Sometimes, I feel tired.

I want to give up and run away.

I got into depression during those periods.

Plus, I was suicidal and many times, I want to jump down from the building with my kids.

It is like the end of the world to me.

I often asked, “Have I not been through enough?”, “Why this is always happening to me?”, “Why can’t I stay on a job”.

This is my life story.

And thank you for helping me.

Thank You.

Best Regards


Editor’s note: We have assisted Michelle with a financial aid of $100 as she is short on cash and now working on a one-month temp job. We will also look out suitable jobs for her. She has rejected our offer for counselling support.

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7 Responses to “Married woman struggling with husband’s debts and wanted to jump off building with kids”

  1. CG Tay says:

    I can offer you a job.
    Retail Sales of Beauty and Skin Care.
    Comes with Basic and Commission.

    email me at if needed

  2. sal says:

    Hi Michelle, hope you n family have learn from this experience. Money management is important in life n especially when you’ve a family.Don’t get into debts or follow the Joneses… Just lead a simple life, you n husband need to come up with a plan to Pay up your debts one by one.

  3. Melbourne says:

    Please approach CDC for financial assistance, WDA for job assistance and or FSC family service centre for counseling. All the best.

  4. Singaporean Employer says:

    Hi Michelle, I hope we can offer some help.

    I came across some profiles of similar and offered jobs to help make ends meet. Our latest addition to our ‘family’ was a eager learner coming 50yrs old.

    drop me your contact if keen.

  5. Jason says:

    I used to be burden with credit cards debts too for almost 10 years since 1998. Its a nightmare. i ask my 3 best friends to lend me $50 to tie over minimum payment none wanted. i almost wanna to jump down from my flat which is 8 steps away. somehow i didn’t. i ask my mum to help me. instead of scolding me she said let her think about it. she gave me half the debt amount (i didn’t tell her the full sum of $12 000). i manage to pay with a low end job of $1200, in 4 mths time. i have ever since become debt free in 2005. i never tot of suicide again. i hope she can meet people who can help her. she need to be mentally strong and steer away from bad ppl who wanna take advantage from her. as for her husband he need to wake up. for those who are having similar debts problem, do go to my job site, to search for latest job offering directly from the companies. good luck. p/s : if anyone stay near toa payoh can go to risen christ church to get free medical consultation and medicines, its opposite the library. they opening on sunday noon. you can call them to check for the time. they do open on a weekday night too if its still such.

  6. Lynn says:

    My company has an accounts asst. position. You do not need to be very experience. As long as you know abit of accounts will do. Training will be provided.
    If you are interested, please email me at

  7. anthony says:

    I always find it weird that people borrow money from relatives and friends (people who care for them) and use it to repay banks, hospitals, ah longs (People or Entity who don’t care for them) What is the logic here? Morally we should pay back our debts but if the load is impossible, why not just declare bankruptcy and stop paying?

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