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Friday January 19th 2018

Depressed lady PMET asked to leave after taking 4-day MC and not paid her commissions by Indian company

Hi Gilbert,

I worked for a private company as a business development executive for about 6 months coming to 7 months. My job scope is to bring in contracts for the company, regardless of ad-hoc or yearly contract.

I have so far brought in five contracts with yearly amount close to $450K, and my commission will be 1% based on the contract amount monthly. My salary is $2600 excluding commissions.

Sad to say, I was on medical leave for 4 days in February ( after CNY) and I was asked to leave the next day when I went back to work.

I was in total shock as the contracts which  I have gotten started out in Jan 14 and in Feb 14 ( less than 3 weeks later  I was asked to leave) just because I was on medical leave.

Naturally, I didn’t get any pay-out from my commission and I just received a cheque of $685 -  for my work done when serving the 2- week notice.

They kept saying that the company is not making any profits, but they can afford to renovate the office and ship new furniture from overseas.

The MD is an Indian.

They have to get factoring from the banks for our pays and contracts.

I was also told that they can’t afford my salary therefore they have asked me to leave.

When I got to know about the news, I straight away send him an email the night before when I knock off using my private email, stating that I will clear my leave while serving the 2-week notice required and will surrender all company equipment on my last day.

And guess what his reply was?

“You resigned yourself, I didn’t ask you to leave.”

My heart sank,I worked so hard just for the extra few hundred bucks monthly commission, and this is how I am being treated.

And he told me that he was disgusted that my husband called him on a Saturday citing that the GM is too much.

My GM called my personal mobile phone ( when I was given a company mobile phone) at about 10pm on a Saturday night and the moment I answered he was hurling all the vulgarities at me.

My husband heard the shouting and therefore was offended and called my MD up. Is this wrong?

I also saw a private psychiatrist when I started working for them for about 2 months.

I was diagonised with depression and anxiety disorder.

Going to a private psychiatrist is way to expensive but I got no choice as the psychiatrist can give me a time off sheet without stating its a psychiatrist clinic.

And now I am left jobless for a month, with bills to pay, parents and a younger sibling to support. I am really in pain.

I wished I could end all these. I felt that I was really made used of by the Indian MD.

What if I am on maternity leave?

Will I be asked to leave if  am on long maternity leave? And my GM can make sarcastic remarks when I am on MC, stating that the doctor and I have something going on as my MC is for 4 days!

I fainted at home and was running a high fever and had panic attacks when I was preparing for work.

I am in a mess now, I really don’t know what to do.

I tried seeking legal advice and was told the only way to get back my monies was to engaged a lawyer which I cant afford.

Please help me.



Editor’s  note: We will be providing the writer with our counselling and legal service.

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8 Responses to “Depressed lady PMET asked to leave after taking 4-day MC and not paid her commissions by Indian company”

  1. sal says:

    Hi Kristina, you should report this matter to the Authority or get free legal advice. Make this company responsible n as a reminder to others. Hope the best for you n family.

  2. James Lee says:

    Hi Kristina

    We may have an opening that may suit your background.

    Scope: Sales in Financial Accounting Software
    Pay : Basic over $2K + Commissions + Allowances.

    If you keen, drop me an email at and I’d refer you to the HR people.


  3. Sian says:

    If the boss ask you “to leave”, can you not resign? What can the company do to you? They have to come up with a good reason to sack you right?

    Hope she gets all the right advice on how to report this company and get compensation or formal apology.

  4. I hope that MOM Minister should note this case and institute drastic measures to prevent foreigner bosses/GMs from victimising Citizens. Is it not possible for the companies in Singapore to mandatorily have citizen as Deputy GM or Dy CEO to balance the foreigners who come here to make money.

  5. xyz says:


    In s’pore companies don’t need to have good reasons to sack you. They just need to say bad attitude, poor performance or bad cultural fit, poor work dynamics.

    In s’pore companies are also allowed to reject your resignation & insist on firing you and put down black mark in your HR record.

    Anyway even if the boss allow you to resign, so what? Your HR record & name will still be blacklisted in the company. And you will be stupid to still use the company as character/professional reference!

  6. Singaporean Employer says:

    Hi Kristina, if you are a singaporean, maybe we can work something out.

    drop me your contact if keen.


    The company did serve her a 2 week notice before she left. She was allowed to clear her leave. They did facilitate her final salary to her.

    Sadly, there is really not much she can do against her employer.

    Regarding her commissions, because this is not covered by employment law, all will have to depend on whether there is a clause stipulated in the contract that states she has such an entitlement?

    On top of that, she still needs to validate that she did indeed bring in these contracts and therefore deserve to have a share of such commissions.

    Its going to be an uphill battle for her to say the least.

    If the amount is not substantial, I would tell her to rather drop it. Cos at the end of the day, the time and potential cost she can spend in getting the commissions back is likely not to be worth it.

    Also, she has

  8. daniel lee says:

    Hi All,

    I need a sale person to help out to reach out to schools.
    I am running an import confectionery business.

    please contact me at

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