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Thursday January 24th 2019

Singaporean breadwinner contract not renewed by Japanese supervisor at DHL and replaced by a Malaysian

Hi Gilbert,

Hope this email finds you well and fine.

I will start off with a short introduction of myself.

My name is Linda and I am a contract staff with DHL.

I started off well with DHL as a LCSC call agent.

After 3 months, my supervisor approached me to offer me another position with another team.

He felt that I have been undergoing a lot of stress and pressure at home and at work.

Also, he is fully aware of my family difficulties as I am the sole breadwinner of the family.

I agreed as it might be a better plan. I can manage and juggle work and family in a more stable manner.

After transferring to the new team, everything went well — till one occasion when I applied to take PH of Christmas day.

My shifts starts at 7a.m. and it doesn’t make sense if I attend midnight mass ending at 2 a.m. plus and proceed to work at 5 a.m. in the morning.

I informed my new team supervisor (a Japanese man) and it seems that he did not put on the records — this was informed to him about a month ago and now the covering agent, who is my team leader, is taking the same day too .

It was a series of events due to his failure as a supervisior to manage the team.

Thus, I am taking a stand as an employee fighting for her rights.

My other team mates share the same sentiment as me. We agreed that he really is a failure in managing our team.

Our team leader is practically late everyday. He’s always on medical leave but not penalised.

However, I was penalised because I voiced out my rights.

He took it personally and did not renew my contract giving the reason that I failed as a customer service agent.

I have been in the customer service industry for many years and OCBC bank has awarded me EXSA Gold Award.

I even asked DHL HR whether they did the ground checks and they said yes.

They agreed I failed as a customer service agent.

However when I informed this to my ex-supervisor, he said something as in now he know why HR ask him about me.

I checked with my other colleagues and they felt that it is a ridiculous allegation.

It shows that DHL HR didn’t do ground works and they discriminated me based on a biased feedback.

I signed the appraisal form and checked mental duress. Because I’m worried they might hold my salary, even then my salary was told to me it would not be credited on the salary date itself

I am the sole breadwinner. If I refused to sign, my salary might not be paid to me and my family is not going to survive.

I have sent an email regarding this issue to the Director of HR and I’m still waiting for his reply.

I felt really insulted.

Please advise me on my next move.

I could look for a job but I’m really worried that they will give negative feedback to my future employer. I am left in the lurch.

Thank you.


Editor’s note: We are in touch with the writer to find out the best course of action that she can take to regain her job. In a latest email received today,  Linda says that she is been replaced by a Malaysian.

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8 Responses to “Singaporean breadwinner contract not renewed by Japanese supervisor at DHL and replaced by a Malaysian”

  1. Name says:

    There are many Call center job in Singapore, why are you worry? Just look for new one and move on.

    I had been in the same situation as you too, sometimes I “talked too much” with facts, and this cause manager to dislike me. This usually resulted in poor performance appraisal

  2. sal says:

    As a contract or casual worker …you don’t have much say in your position. You’re the first person to go if the company have to reduce its manpower. Hope you get a full time job soon..good luck.

  3. rexston22 says:

    This incident reflects very poorly on the internal branding of a fortune 500 company. It shows the lacking of employee engagement and processes in dealing with the authoritarian control by the immediate supervisors. The immediate supervisor even penalized the writer for whistle blowing. This makes people wonder what kind of treatment does the team leader who is always on mc receives from that supervisor.

  4. Commonsense needed here! says:

    It is commonsense not to go against your supervisor, especially when you are so new in the company. Unless it is your father’s company.


    I am confused.

    So this team supervisor, team leader, covering agent, are they one and the same Japanese person?

    I reckon they need to serve Japanese customers, if not why hire a Japanese person as the team lead?

    I don’t quite understand what did the TS meant by the supervisor not good in managing or what she was penalized for.

    What was the implications with her and the team leader sharing the same day leave? Is she saying that she requested for leave on Xmas day, which her supervisor did not record, so as a result there was no one manning her calls on Xmas?

    One thing for sure is that the TS cannot even appropriately and coherently describe her situation at work.

    No doubt why she failed as a customer service agent. How in the world is anyone gonna say you have good customer service when they cannot even make out a sentence of what you are saying?

  6. Lynn says:

    Cause for a Japanese, they do not like people to “challenge” them, especially females. It’s their culture. They prefer male than females especially those who just listen & do accordingly.
    Go to MOM if you have issues regarding employment.

  7. chua qm says:

    Dear Mr Gilbert;

    Could you please text me Mr RAVI the human right lawyer office or email address, i need his professional advice.

    Thank you

    Best Regards

    Chua Q M

  8. Nevermind says:

    I’ve worked as GM in a few companies, and my advise to you is to BYPASS your supervisor, if not then the manager. If the manager supports him/her then go to the senior manager. If the senior manager supports them, go to the director. If even the CEO supports the crook, it just means you should resign and find a better company.

    Because you will be working with a team of crooks. Just resign and post your experiences here with their names and designation.

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