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Sunday January 14th 2018

Appeal for compensation from AT & T for unfair dismissal for mother of three after returning from maternity leave

Randall L. Stephenson,
CEO AT & T Corps
Dallas Texas United States

Re: Appeal for compensation for unfair dismissal of Singaporean mother of three who was replaced by Indian national after maternity leave at AT & T Singapore

Dear Mr Stephenson,

We are a registered non-profit organisation based in Singapore and look after the needs of jobless Singaporeans.

We refer to the unfair dismissal incident of a Singaporean mother of three  who has worked in AT & T Singapore for the past 13 years.

She was replaced by her cover two weeks upon returning to work after her 4-month maternity leave has ceased. The reason for her dismissal is also ambiguous.

She is a contract staff with Encora Technologies and it is foreign-owned by Indians.

Singaporeans welcome foreign investors to build businesses here but we are disturbed if companies discriminate against our local employees by replacing them with foreign workers through unethical means.

Her cover, a Indian foreign worker, replaced her at AT & T even though she has been working there for the past 13 years and discharging her work duties diligently.

We have written in to the contract agency Encora Technologies but there has being no response so far from the company.

We hope that AT & T will intervene in this unfair dismissal saga and if possible provides the victim with some form of compensation so that she can move on with life.

She has three young children and a ailing mum to take care of. Her youngest child is only 7 months old.

Singapore so far  does not have unemployment welfare benefit to assist the unemployed while they are out looking for a job.

We have provide her with a session of counselling support as she suffers from depression after the dismissal.

We hope that AT & T being a large company with international presence will do the right thing here and do what it can to assist her during this difficult period.

Thank you.

Thanks & Warmest Regards,

Gilbert Goh
Transitioning – unemployment support services

NB: This mail was forwarded to manpower minister Mr Tan Chuan Jin and both the local and international press.

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3 Responses to “Appeal for compensation from AT & T for unfair dismissal for mother of three after returning from maternity leave”

  1. vree says:

    Perhaps those pap mouthpiece can say something. Their policies really hurt those people with kids.

  2. xyz says:

    If I’m these companies, I will ignore such letters or appeals as there is no law in s’pore against such things. Can always say bad performance and bad attitude what, that’s why fired. And there’s no law for mandatory retrenchment package in s’pore.

    Afterall, govt also bochap and sinkies are all selfish and self-centred. There won’t be any backlash or loss of earnings. The 3 big Telcos won’t stop buying equipment and services from these companies becoz of this job termination. And sinkies won’t terminate their handphone or internet services to protest against this.

  3. Appeal for compensation from AT & T for unfair dismissal for mother of three after returning from maternity leave | Support Site for The Unemployed & Underemployed

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