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Thursday January 24th 2019

Appeal for compensation from Encora Technologies on unfair dismissal for Ms ABC


Mr Devaiah A M, CEI Certified Personnel
Manager-Business Development
Registration No.:R1112099
EA License No.  :11C3382

Encora Technologies Pte Ltd
20 March 2014

Appeal for compensation on unfair dismissal for Ms ABC

Dear Mr Devaiah

We have been approached by Ms ABC  after she was dismissed by your agency when she returned to work few weeks after her maternity leave.

We are a non-profit organisation registered with the registrar of societies here. We mainly provide counselling and coaching support services for our clients.

She is also currently suffering from depression and we are offering her our counselling service.

We have learnt that her position is currently been held by her coverer – someone who is supposed to be covering her duties on a temporary basis when she goes on her maternity leave for four months.

It will be a tragedy if our Singaporean women have to worry for their jobs when they go on maternity leave. No women will then be willing to give birth in our country if this happens too often.

We also understand that you are a registered foreign business entity and we welcome foreign investors to start businesses in our country but we hope that there is fairness in how you deal with our local executives.

There is this feeling  that she is been replaced by a Indian who only came in to cover her duties temporarily.

We also want to highlight to you that this case has been showcased on social media recently which has a reach of close to 200,000 readers both locally and abroad.

We don’t want your esteemed company to drag through the publicity mud of perceived injustice and hope that you will do the right thing.

Moreover, many companies in future may not want to do business with you after reading about this unfair incident widely on social media.

On behalf of the local PMET, we are appealing for some form of compensation for her in view of the fact that she has three small kids and a elderly mother at home to take care of.

Her job is already gone and we hope that based on the merit of her 13–year commitment to the parent company AT & T, you will accede to her request for a fair compensation for her abrupt dismissal.

We will also be writing in to AT & T to appeal for justice to be meted out and we hope that you won’t lose your contract with them.

As a last resort, we are looking at seeking legal assistance and I am sure that your company don’t want such adverse publicity which will affect your business here.

I am sure that Singaporeans will stay united against your labour malpractices and it will be difficult for you to stay in your business here if such errant practices continue in your company.

Please let us know of your option so we can work out a amicable settlement with you and our client.

NB: This mail has been forwarded to manpower minister Mr Tan Chuan Jin and both the local and international press.

Thanks & Warmest Regards,
Gilbert Goh

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