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Friday January 19th 2018

36-year-old lady PMET with 3 kids unfairly dismissed by Indian agency Encora Technologies after maternity and replaced by Indian FT

Hi Gilbert,

I was referred to you by a friend – I am currently still unemployed after been unfairly dismissed by a foreign Indian recruitment company after I returned from my maternity.

My replacement is my coverer – also another foreign Indian.

I am paid a salary of $3000 plus covering sales administrative duties for a multi-national company whose contract is managed by this foreign Indian recruitment agency.

I am 36 years old and  earned a degree  at SIM (RMIT). I have three young children.

Here is a brief description of my ordeal:-

I have been working with my client company AT & T  for 13 years via a total of three agencies.

The third recruitment agency – Encora Technologies is the most horrible agency that I have been with only for one year from Dec 2012.

While I was pregnant with my third child, they made me took up additional workload without sharing with the other 2 team members (both FT from India), citing headcount cut.

Knowing that I won’t be leaving to forsake my maternity leave, they forced me to take up the load even after feedback to them that this was impossible.

Before I went on maternity leave, they sent a replacement (also FT Indian with the fact that she was a full time housewife for 2 years before).

I spent more than a month’s time to coach this coverer.

When I came back from my 4 months of maternity leave and after working for about 2-3 weeks, my agency released my termination news without disclosing that  my coverer would be taking over from me.

My agency only mentioned that it was due to my client company business restructuring and not due to my work performance.

I later found out to my horror that the agency had actually replaced me with my maternity coverer who is still currently working in my client office.

I felt totally devastated at the unfair treatment meted to me especially at been replaced by my own coverer who is of a cheaper resource to them.

Moreover, after working with my client company AT & T for 13 years, I did not get any compensation due to my outsourced contract with them.

They merely provided me with a month’s notice, that’s all.

I also felt so unethical that my agency (also FT Indian business development manager) has replaced me with their own kind.

I have looked up various avenues – Tafep, MOM and still waiting for NTUC union to intervene.

I have went down for interview with MOM and found that there is no Employment Act protection to back up for my case.

MOM just suggested to arrange another interview with this agency together and see what they have to say – still pending for my decision on this.

This agency also claimed all my 4 months’ maternity salary and hired cheaper replacement which they had already made a profit out of government/me.

I also have three young children at primary school going age and a ailing mother to take care of. I am also suffering from depression since I was dismissed unfairly.

My husband earns a decent income but without my share of the income, life is going to be hard for our family.

After sharing my case, any advice/experience from you?

Thank you.


Editor’s note I cried profusely after reading this email and exchanged a flurry of mails with the writer to find out more about her ordeal. We will fight hard for justice to be meted for our own kind – please support us Singaporeans as we try to find a light for this Singaporean woman who was unfairly dismissed after giving birth. Who will want to give birth anymore if their jobs are not secure after maternity and at the risk of been taken away by incoming foreigners?

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6 Responses to “36-year-old lady PMET with 3 kids unfairly dismissed by Indian agency Encora Technologies after maternity and replaced by Indian FT”

  1. sal says:

    Did you teach your coverer 100% of your job? Once I asked a FT to teach me about a machine…… ..he gave me the machine manual and asked me to learn myself……of course I managed to pick up slowly from the manual. Think of survival first, theres no iron rice bowl if you’re in private sector.

  2. Dico says:

    I think this is why Sinkies are getting more and more angry and less compassionate. We have compete in school, compete in work, compete with foreigners, compete in getting choice school for our children and nobody is caring about anything anymore.

    Like the above comment ‘not to teach the FT 100%’, soon we will not teach anybody including our own kind. Survival of the fittest?

    Before blaming the government and foreigners, please ask this question, how did we get into such a state?

    The HARD TRUTH is ourselves! 60% voted for this government when we saw all the problem starting from 2006! People are getting shit since 2000 and that did not wake us up even in 2011!

    More than 80 seats of 87 seats went to PAP in GE2011 despite that PAP had screwed up badly for 10 years!

    I can tell you that people like that PMET lady are those who voted for PAP! During GE2011, PAP strongest supporters are those in the 30s-40s still having a nice job like her! Despite Mah Bow Tan is such a screwed up minister, he still get to win in Tampinese because of all the promises made to the residents!

    They voted for PAP because of stupidity and selfishness! When PAP promised them a car park near to their house, a childcare center nearby or give out freebies, many Sinkies will vote for PAP!

    Ask Gilbert if that is true. He is a Tampinese Oppos candidate in GE2011! He got lots of such answers and most living in Tampinese are people like that PMET lady!

    Will this PMET lady vote for PAP once she got another nice job and PAP promised her better amenities in where she stay? I think she is likely to give her vote back to PAP in GE2016 in that scenario.

    If Sinkies continues to behave cowardly, stupidly and selfishly in GE2016, please don’t blame anybody but yourself!

  3. yee choon keong says:

    Your pay at sgd3000 is almost 3 times what a indian foriegn talent would ask for. Let me explain.
    On 21.feb.2014, about 5 pm, a indian forieg talent came to my office looking for a job. Nobody was around, so i chase him away. This is the 2nd time he was here, one week before that he walk in and my boss was around. He explained he need a job to stay in boss explained, he need to pay sgd4000 salary to employ him as a foriegn talent. He quickly replied that he don’t need that much. he request for sgd 1500 to sgd 1800. He will pay back the difference i.e. sgd2500 to sgd2200 to my boss in india i.e. trasfer the money into his india bank acount, or payback in cash.but my boss explained this is illegal and declined the offer. The ft insist this is common and is safe, he is ready to sign an agreement to take full responsibility. Surprised, i called my friend that have been in maid employment for 20 years and told him about this. My employment agency friend say this is very common among the companies now, he said sgd 1500 to sgd 1800 is too high, market rate is only sgd 1200. He quote me cases that the employer will give the ft sgd4000 pay cheque and the ft will return the balance money in cash.
    So you see, your pay is sgd3000 + cpf, is almost 3x more than a ft indian. The employer can employ 3 ft with the same amount and get income rebate of 3xsgd1500x12 =sgd36000 a year. By the way this india ft have a degree, with 5 years experience.
    With the government opening up like that we are screwed and the whole market is screwed. The whole industry will be going down from now till we change the mindset of the government that still believe that opening up is correct.

  4. Dico says:

    @yee choon keong

    Yup, this is the way how they beat the EP system. Many SME bosses get rebate from the FT immediate after they pay the FT a cheque at the end of the month.

    This is very rampant and PAP had been closing both eyes on this and that is why not even one such employer is prosecuted.

    I am the only Singapore in my ex-company and all my foreign colleagues told me that they pay back the boss at the end of the month.

  5. 40% says:

    I STRONGLY agree with Dico.
    The ROOTS to all these problems lie with the 60% supporting the trunk(tree) in which branches and leaves flourish.
    Needless to say we all know where the FRUITS ended up.
    Remember this; No matter how fertile the soil is, it is the roots that hold the tree and the soil.
    I hope and I am sure all is not lost for you.
    Be with the 40% for they are the one who took in the carbon dioxide and released oxygen for all the 100%.
    Good luck.

  6. Kumar Thambi says:

    I stumbled upon this page by chance while browsing something else. I think there is something missing in this article. So let me try to weigh in here.
    A brief intro – I am an Indian citizen holding a PR and working in SG since the last 10 years.

    I used to work as a contract employee for an MNC through an outsourcing vendor company similar to Encora. It was a Malaysian owned company and functioned the same way as Encora, i.e its a bodyshopper. All such companies (and there are many in Singpore, both local and foreign owned) supplies temporary workers to the client for a fixed duration contract and take a cut off the price for their expenses and profit margin and pay the rest to the contractor. The client, for various reasons, would not like to open that position on its payroll and hence decides to go through a vendor.

    Once the client has engaged a vendor to provide a temporary worker for a fixed duration (key words being temporary and fixed duration), the client has no further responsibility towards the contractor other than providing a safe working environment and paying the vendor on time so that the contractor receives her salary on time. This will be clearly mentioned in the contracts signed between the vendor, the client and the individual.

    Any other benefits the contractor receives, like medical insurance, leave etc is dependent on the terms of the contract between the vendor and the individual and depends on the profit margin and the terms of the agreement between the client and the vendor which would be confidential.

    Being a Singaporean, she is entitled to 16 weeks maternity pay, something which my female colleagues who were foreigners never had the luxury of getting. I find it it hard to believe that the vendor did not pay her the maternity pay. This is governed by MOM rules and no company engaged in legal employment would go and break the rule with the risk of committing an offence and being penalized with even imprisonment.
    Was there something she is not telling us? Like was she on a sabbatical or did she resign and rejoin less than 90 days before going for delivery?

    She mentioned that she was with AT&T as a contractor for 13 years. Was it at one stretch? Why didn’t her managers at AT&T choose to make her permanent? Something doesn’t seem right there. Regardless, AT&T as a company do not owe her any settlement as she was only a temporary worker as far as the company is concerned. I do find it strange that after working there for 13 years she had no one to speak out for her if, as she says, it was a termination.

    Finally on the last point, she said that she was replaced by her maternity cover. But is there any evidence for that? It could in fact be a reorganization and her position might have been made redundant. The replacement could have been hired for another position with the client. Does she have proof that that is not the case?

    Given these holes in the story, I find it hard to take this at face value. Especially when she uses the foreigner card to play on the local vs foreigner theme to gain sympathy.

    And while I applaud you for taking the trouble to help the lady I do think it would only be fair that you share the vendor’s side of the story also. Just hearing one side of the story is not enough to make a fair judgement.

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