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Tuesday January 23rd 2018

Single mum finally landed admin job paying $2500/month after searching for 10 months

Hi Gilbert

Sorry for the long delay in writing this letter.

I like to share with those who are looking for jobs – I finally have my new job after sending countless resumes for the last 10 months.

I wasn’t happy with the company where I used to work so I have decided to look for other opportunity.

I have never .thought it will be so hard even if it was just a simple admin job.

I was quite stressed  then, cried myself to sleep due to stress at work but can’t help doubting about my own ability.

I was called for an interview during a very down period and after the second interview I got the job – I couldn’t believe it initially!

My new boss told me that he received 80% of the resumes from FT, some of them are degree holder or holding master degree and asking for only S$1.5K per month! Is something wrong here?

Thanks to my boss who insisted to recruit only Singaporean worker for the position and guess what I am paid more than $2.5K per month!

Honestly, if the company offers me at S$1.5K, I will not take this job… I have commitment to fulfill eg, house mortgage, allowance for parents, bills to pay,  still supporting my son who is with the NS now, paying half of my daughter’s study loan….you see I am a single mom with 2 growth-up kids.

Those FT, they can easily survive with $1.5K alone on their own , as they don’t have housing mortgage to pay, they just have to pay S$250 for a bed, send money home then they can buy a land and much bigger house after staying here for a few years.

I urge all local companies who are recruiting staff, please put Singaporean as your first priority, we should help our own fellow Singaporeans.

Those who are still looking for jobs, please do not give up or feel despaired…  I am sure some good souls out there will open their door for you.


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12 Responses to “Single mum finally landed admin job paying $2500/month after searching for 10 months”

  1. Aqua says:

    I believe this is the norm now – more than 50% of the applicants are FTs, fighting for a single job vacancy at low asking pay. Look around, how many admin jobs are available for the qualified locals? This is disturbing. Why is the authority not looking into this problem?

    What is even more frustrating is when media reported the low unemployment rate, painting a rosy picture of the employment scene here which is not congruent with the actual plight of many locals here.

  2. Dico says:

    This is the first time I felt that the job market had never been this bad before. Never in my 20 years career that the job market is as bad as this.

    The whole market is swarm with FTs. There are many advertisements but to even get an interview is extremely hard!

    Have send out 300+ applications, but not one interview!

    PAP had been lying about slowing down FTs, it is even worst than 2 years ago! I can still get contract jobs 2 years ago, but even contract jobs had dried up now.

    There is definitely some way that large number of foreigners are let in to work with some loopholes that PAP had planned for which they covered up.

    Those slowing down in FTs reports by PAP are just lies!

  3. CC says:

    The company that I had done a contract job. I heard the HR manager on the phone with the CEO – this is what happened… They actually paid the worker lower than what was stated on contract. Basically its like a verbal agreement between employer and employee. They even told the foreign worker to withdraw and return them the money after it was deposited in her bank account, or risk losing the job.

  4. caramello says:

    2.5k a month thats quite a good deal, I cant even bargain to that amount. Have been getting offer for like 1.8 to max 2k type of job only.

    Am a S’porean dip holder but I seem to be getting pretty low paying job offers that is in the foreigner range.

    2.5k for admin position, honestly thats quite alot. Have seen admin position that offers only max 2k in a prestigious UK bank working in Raffles area.

    Count yourself lucky.

  5. James says:

    Don’t worry Angelene

    As a (foreign) Master degree holder unemployed for over two years here, and never having been unemployed in 15 years in the UK before, I can assure you that a combination of local racism and a widespread fear that all locals are useless compared to foreigners should mean you are pretty safe.

    All local jobs are now protected for Singaporeans (whatever that is in such a young country built on mass Chinese immigration). Foreigners only get offered jobs by foreign countries on foreign soil and only accept transfers to Singapore. Generally this requires huge housing subsidies, since greedy landlords massively overprice private housing for foreigners. The system is pretty much set up to take from foreigners rather than give a thing, so I really wouldn’t worry! This is the most expensive city in the world for foreigners, and one of the cheapest for locals!

    You are also lucky in that there are no equal opportunities laws to protect meritocracy, or discrimination against race, age, or gender.

    Congratulations on your new job


  6. vree says:

    Univesity degrees from third world countries should not even be recognised here.

  7. sal says:

    What’s the difference between India, Pinoy, PRC professional eg engineers, accountants, doctors, teachers compare to Spore? …..the jobs the same except their degree from their local universities. Its not about the degrees but can you apply what you’ve learn in your jobs.

  8. Ray says:

    Dearest Singaporeans

    I am a FT employment agent.
    I am glad to give up this FT position as i felt like a dog working for FT.

    Is like cutting my own throat with a knife. Which is doing it unto any fellow singaporeans.

    Also the rental of the business is damm bloody high, some local SME are struggling to cope with expenses (RENT) therefore force to take up FT. Some of my good employers still insist on locals but with not very attractive pay.

    So sad this is Singapore (used to be our home)?

  9. Hi says:


    The difference is in how rigourous the curriculum in the university is. Assuming you have two applicants (both are engineers) wtih no prior working experience. One graduated from MIT, one from don’t know what uni that’s not in the top 100 in the world. Which one will you choose?

    Now compare Singapore’s university against any other university from 3rd world country, which one is better? At least Singapore’s university are in the world’s top 100. Mind, I used to work in a scholarship office so I received applicants from all over the world. When I look at their university transcript (those from third world countries), I see all the modules they took and the ones they excel are usually NOT their core modules. For example, they will usually score “A” for religious study, arabic language, and culture study etc. That’s how they “get” their 2nd upper and above equivalent – boosted by all these non-core modules.

    As an engineer, would you trust a fresh hire that fails his core engineering modules even though overall, he is 2nd upper? That’s why we should not accept FT with degrees from 3rd world universities.

  10. sal says:

    @ Hi, theoretically that’s the correct way but in Spore situations …the market is being manipulate by people who want cheap labour and do the basic things whereas the difficult things will be done by the expert or the specialist…. Its a sad sad sad situation.

  11. lili says:

    i hv double diploma in business admin and private secretarial. sgl mom of 4. gross 1791. is my company selfish or im not wanted bcos i wear hijab n im in mid 40s. 3yrs frm now i got hse mortgage. now im renting 1rm flat. im singaporean. any office hr job for me? im now admin officer of an MA.

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