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Monday January 15th 2018

Whistleblower account of an ex-employee on ACP Computers

Hi Gilbert

I want to recount my bad experience working with ACP Computers.

It is really the most unfortunate episode of my life.

I left the first IT company  I joined after I came back from Australia in 2004 and entered this company thinking that I can make full use of my experience in training people.

I specifically asked to do adult training as that’s the area I see the most potential in and was promised by the company to do just that. They also promised to train me to become a certified trainer with the software

Lo and behold, ACP started to send me to schools all over Singapore, much to my dismay as it was not what was discussed.

Secondly, they send me to schools in the East and then have to rush to schools in the West within one hour with no claim for taxi expenditure!

The incident that finally broke the camel’s back was that they wanted me to do some programming for a software that I am not familiar with.

I have informed them my expertise is in the usage and programming is not my core area.

The best part is that the programming is to help a student to submit for inter-school competition. Help is a very liberal word.

You can say that the student has little or no part in submitting the work done.

For someone who loathe such lack of morals and integrity especially when it involves a school that holds to Godly principles, I decided that this cannot continue and want to disassociate with this sorry excuse of a company.

So I called for a meeting with my immediate boss and in the course of the conversation we discussed about the initial promise during the interview  that I would only carry out adult training and help out with the schools once in a while but it has turned out not to be the case.

To cut the long story short, at the end of the meeting, nothing positive comes out of it and ultimately I handed in my resignation.

He saw it and say I am breaching company rules and I asked what are they.

He said the company has trained me and I should pay damages of SGD 8000.

I basically tell him to fxxk off.

The company has done something similar to another colleague of mine and he left paying the money which he basically does not have just so he can peacefully leave and find another job.

Word is, the parents of the bosses went for a holiday very soon after.

To make matters worse, I caught him trying to use my name to get into the test system and get me certified without my knowledge and best of all with no training whatsoever.

That in itself caused me to question the integrity of all the trainers in their ‘care’ and management.

They did send a letter of demand to pay up failing which, they will initiate a civil lawsuit.

Feeling angry at that time I approached NTUC after MOM who basically don’t look into complaints for people who earns more than a certain level of salary. It is as though White Collared workers are not Singaporeans it seems.

Well finally NTUC tried to get them to do mediation.

Guess what, those people basically have no balls and did not even dare to sit down and face the music.

In the end, I ignored the demand and believed that they have no case against me (I actually taped the whole meeting if it comes to that) and was not disturbed by them until I see the same company appeared in

I basically questioned why this company ACP having received so many complaints is allowed to even continue operating.

They are there to milk the Diploma holders with low pay and then sue them to kingdom come if they failed to toe the line.

Really pissed with this company.


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8 Responses to “Whistleblower account of an ex-employee on ACP Computers”

  1. xyz says:

    Like I said, $200-$300 lawyer letters boh parkay one. The company must still pay $10,000-$20,000 to start lawsuit. And in court all the shit will be dug out. So they won’t sue one. Furthermore, all these employees are poor and/or from poor families (rich people won’t be working for such companies). Sue also cannot get much money, no why bother to sue? They are just pulling a fast one, spend $250 lawyer letter to scare dumbass poor jerks to cough up a few K money that they can ill afford.

  2. sal says:

    The Authorities should step in and give a stern warning to these type of company as an example for others not to do. Sporeans are being deprived of their working rights by these companies to serve them like a slave rather than an employee.

  3. leaon says:

    Hi Jason,

    My situations is same now with ACP.They are still continuing cheating people. They must be arrested immediately.I coudn’t understand how this company running in singapore.If you see this message please give me any suggestions.

  4. nancy says:

    please help me… i am stuck. i need witness for this company…

    • ex-acp says:

      Hi Nancy,

      I was an ex-employee of ACP in the management team, and I know how the employees felt.

      If you are a foreigner, and has no intent to continue working in Singapore, my suggestion is for you to buy a ticket and fly back to your country after receiving your latest pay such that the company cannot hold your pay as collateral. Once you are in the airport, drop an email to the management of your immediate departure. An ex-colleague did this and the management wont bother to pursue anything.

      If you are a local, make sure everything is communicated to you in black-and-white. Make sure you make no mistakes that can be used as “evidence” against you. I can only advise you to try bearing with it until your 12 months contract restriction is up. And you should only tender your resignation with 3 months notice at the precise period whereby the company cannot do without you, else the Top Management will waste time gathering “evidence” to sack you on the spot without notice while you are still serving your notice. However, if you are still within the 1 year and needs to move on, just tender your resignation with immediate notice and asked them to deduct the “fees” from your next pay and safely ignore the letter of demand to pay up the rest as they will not spend those money to pursue in lawyer.

      • someone hate them says:

        We felt you.. I suffered for 2 years.
        I believe there is some fine terms and condition in the contract and never properly spell out clearly.
        and con the people to sign on the line.

        bright side of looking.. u can survived in this con/hell company.. after u get out, u will able to survive in any places.

        lesson learned: check and read every fine line.

        I bite the bullets thru that hell 2 years.

        but to be grateful, my client side support me and cover me

  5. Dilemma says:

    Help! I’m currently a trainer under ACP. My one year contract is ending Mar/Apr. And i’ve got much better job offers that is put on hold. I desperately want to be out of the company but the bond money and all is making me in a dilemma. The 3 months is ridiculous, even more having to pay $50 each day is daylight robbery. I took ACP because I want a job in school for experiene but now I am in a hole with no escape. Can I get some advice? Should I just leave or wait?

  6. Siti says:

    ACP Computers is a company without morals. I experienced all of that u have experienced. Mine was 2 yrs 3 months bonded contract. That 3 months was supposed to be intensive training for the trainers BEFORE we were sent to schools. The first 3 months our pay would be halved because according to the company when discussing the contract, it was promised in the written contract that we would be trained in all the softwares but all were only 1 or 2 lessons. In addition, we were required to come back AFTER OFFICE HOURS to attend night training. Some of us were send to schools immediately on 1st day of work. Initially they say can claim teansport but twisted and say only applicable after 3 months we want to claim. They changed contract to become 1-sided and forced us to sign failing which we have to resign and pay damages. They changed permanent trainers at school and LIED to the school that the first trainer is quitting. When they found out i knew about it. I was confronted by 4 people in the meeting room and they told me not to be nosy when i did not even spread it knowing that it vould be dome internal thing. I lasted 3 months and were required to pay $5000. I seek my brother help in this to talk to him. He threatened to sue and my brother challenged him to do so. I did not receive any letter since then. With this kibd of company, ALWAYS record the meeting just like they do.

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