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Saturday January 13th 2018

Indian FT: Is $10,000, $12,000 or $15,000 salary enough in Singapore?

Dear Gilbert

I am in the midst of negotiating with my current employer based in Bangalore, India for probable salary in Singapore.

I have relocated to Singapore within the organization.

I worked in Bangalore, India at a salary of INR 3,40,000 (Rupees) gross income per month in a role of Vice president and Business head.

Now I have been asked to start up our Singapore entity and relocated in August into Singapore.

In the process I have become the Director of the local entity.

I have been asked by my company to check with local law firm and understand what should be my salary in Singapore considering the cost of living.

Note- that I have got a paid house cum residence condo.

I will need to take care of all other expenses other than transport and mobile used for official business.

I am not sure if it should be $10000 or $12000 or $15000 Sgd considering the high cost of living in Singapore.

I verified various cost calulator sites and understand it is like 5 times the price index.

Please guide me.

Shiva P

Editor’s note: The reason we posted this mail is because we  felt that foreigners continue to enjoy decent to high wages compared to a slow stagnanting wage package  for local Singaporeans for the past decade. Even foreigners hire on the lowest Employment Pass (EP) grade now could take home a minimum salary of $3200/month. Where is the justice?

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21 Responses to “Indian FT: Is $10,000, $12,000 or $15,000 salary enough in Singapore?”

  1. vree says:

    How much is enough? Of cos it depends on one person lifestyle needs. How can someone who is so dim be asked to head an entity in spore? Are there really no one better than him in this small island?

  2. Alan says:

    Gilbert, I only have 3 words. “What the F***”
    Excuse my language.

  3. NoT Happy Sgrean says:

    over paid!!

  4. Warlow Eh says:

    Ppl like him should be paid in rupees, 10000 rupees, 12000 rupees or 15000

  5. patriot says:

    Your pay should be $12,001 so that you are not affected by the new hiring guidelines.

  6. Nick says:

    This is a very common situation now in Singapore. Foreigners living a high life, living in a nice private property and earning a high salary. Singaporeans on the other hand, looking for a job just to pay bills. Recent report shows more and more Singaporeans not able to even pay the minimum sum on their credit cards. Is this the singapore that we work so hard for? Is this the country that we sacrificed 2.5 years of our lives serving in the army so that foreigners can just walk in and take over our jobs and properties? We as Singaporeans must fight for our land. We cannot let this ridiculous situation carry on. Singaporeans who are in their 40′s and 50′s should be holding good jobs instead of being unemployed. Why must Singaporeans end up serving the foreigners as cleaners, taxi drivers or property agents. The foreigners should be serving Singaporeans instead. When we go to their country, do we get the same treatment as what they are getting here? NO! Good jobs go to their own people. But here in singapore, foreigners get the good jobs and salary. It’s time for a change. It’s time for us to take back our dignity.

  7. sal says:

    Why don’t you go for our PM pay….$3 million annually

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  9. What a joke! says:

    Ordinary Singaporeans have to sloth through work with less than half your salary, i.e. less than $S5000, not to mention the 20% CPF deduction monthly.

    Now as a foreigner you are coming here and enjoying at least three times our median monthly income?

    What a joke! Get the PAP out of parliament!

  10. Ng HB says:

    This is very true. More facts from banking sector:

    Standard Chartered, ANZ, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sach, JP Morgan, SMBC, Mizuho etc, all pay their home country employees high salary for working in Singapore.

    Example, (foreign) bank employees (say from Europe/ Japan) with ZERO experience in Asia and Spore were paid a base salary of S$8,000/mth to S$25,000/mth. This salary amount excludes housing and transport allowances. In some cases, these foreigners are even paid a tax equalization amount.

    Why pay these nil experience foreigners so much? Because the banks want their own nationality to work here; they dislike to work with Singaporeans. Discrimination that MOM is aware but unwilling to remove.

  11. Mango says:

    When we first migrated to NZ last year, I told my hub, we will get NZ citizenship (in a few years’ time) and ONLY move back to Singapore as an expat if we want to.

    We both experienced the things described in Transitioning so don’t suan me on the above paragraph. We went through it. My hub experienced more than 2 years without a job, less than 5 interviews despite hundreds of job applications. My own job was outsourced to Phils. Frugality had a new meaning – it allowed me to learn how to cook with the cheapest ingredients and still make it tasty, everyday. A skill that I value very much now.

    Life overseas is not a bed of roses. Gotta have the migrant mindset and not the Singaporean mindset. You will be discriminated and nobody is obliged to help you in any way. And when you’re at your lowest point, you still have to keep walking. It’s not the end of the world because the world is round and there’s no end of the world.

  12. Jason says:

    This guy is ignorance or showing off?
    There must be a strict regulations impose on foreign companies to fulfill certain quota to ensure they play by the rule.
    There must be a trade off as they exploit the resources and opportunities but unable to contribute to local prosperity.

  13. Robert says:

    I think the Singaporean responses are hilarious. Singaporeans can’t speak English, complain that they can’t find work, yet they don’t understand how the world works and have the necessary skills required for the job they want. They are good at complaining and mumbling but they don’t improve themselves to make a point that they actually deserve the jobs that the better qualified foreigner takes. I’m not being ignorant, rather realistic. People here in Singapore need to take responsibility for their own life and stop blaming their government for everything. It’s a first world country but third world people. I would love to see Singaporeans flourish and prosper, but they have to take a stand for themselves and stop looking to the government to solve all their problems. It’s funny because Singaporeans complain about the lower level workers doing construction saying they are bad. At the same time they complain about the educated skilled and experienced workers that make good money. Stop complaining and just do something about it.

  14. sal says:

    Hi Robert, its good that you have a good life in Spore maybe not in your native country. Im not sure whether you know about Spore employment act…..there’s no minimum wage and welfare scheme here. Do you think there’s no Sporran can do you job?

  15. sammyboi says:

    BTW I am a Singaporean too, very frustrated with about to contemplate working a job in the future, I better start thinking of alternatives to a job. J.O.B-Just over broke.

    I heard that its even VERY TOUGH for local Singaporean graduates to earn BASIC salary of $6500-8000 per month. I am not sure how true is this. But certain types of assumptions will have to be considered when making such a claim.

    1. The worker is a good 2nd upper class honors graduate from NUS, NTU and SMU begins working at 25

    2. Climbs the corporate ladder rather fast but may experience other stiffer competition by foreigners(which is the main contention here) and other headwinds, maybe they will be promoted and salaries will start to experience stagnation moving closer to 40-45, then bottom out completely for males.For females they might make lesser than males in comparable jobs but anything is possible, we have female ministers too.

    Just how many people in Singapore have what it takes to make 6-8k a month, only the poly diplomas and university graduates? It is true there is no minimum wage or welfare scheme here except for those from foreign land.

    Or alternatively in other words, how difficult it is to climb the corporate ladder, become a super mice in the rat race, secure 2-3 promotions(for graduates), from management trainee to manager then section heard, senior manager all within 15 years, get promotion plus pay rise all before the employee’s efforts to move up the hierarchy vanishes and law of diminishing marginal returns and younger people fill the company vacancies. Normally in the early thirties or what age?

    BTW, talking about local comparisons there are ONLY 4220 PEOPLE in singapore who managed to rake in $1 million and above in salary for fiscal year of assessment 2012-13 or maybe top 0.3% of all taxpayers. they are all Singaporeans, surely this indian complaining about 10-12-15k a month job didnt realise there are people who have outearned him by the multiples! LOL HAHAHA

  16. Low Keng Lum says:

    Sgd 15,000 ? What is so special with this FT. His company should decide how much he deserve. Strange that he is asking how much ! Suggest he remain in India and let the Singaporean live on sgd 1,500 per month. We dont need this FT. If he gets what he asking for the effect goes to all Singaporean, where you the money come from for his salary ?

  17. acey says:

    I really understand the frustration of people who are not earning much and are having trouble to make their ends meet. But whining over the salary of the Director of a company is really silly. For God’s Sake, he is the director of a top notch company , what is the point in comparing your salary with his, unless you are equally educationally qualified, experienced and still not getting a Director job ?
    Further, imho if people earn more, they will spend more in there and that would help the economy and all the people who are living there indirectly. If we drive away foreign companies stating silly reasons, the investments in the country will go down. This is just common sense.

  18. lim peh says:

    No la. No more indian come to Singapore please. Singaporeans no more job (i meant the deserved manager or director pay). All taken by Indians. Most Indians, talk but cannot do. Bad mouth experts, always got a lot of questions and like to argue when they cannot deliver a job. SO far never met any good one. And also, they are the type that when they get high pay, they stick their nose up on the air. No manner, no social ethic. Had so much bad encounters. The question is… why they can come and take away the job and high pay while local experienced one has to hear their command and put out of job?

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