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Saturday January 20th 2018

Single male 34-year-old PMET resigned after earning only $2400 over 9 years with company

Dear Gilbert,

I just came across your site ( and desperately seek your assistance as I am currently unemployed for more than a month despite sending several resumes with no response.

I left my previous  company in 2013 which I have worked for since 2003 because I was experiencing severe burn out and stress since last year when I was transferred from Company X to Company Y but was informed by HR to continue to “help out” Company Y even though it is stated in my appointment letter that I was working for Company X only.

Not only did I experienced a burn out, the increment to my salary which only came about after I voiced out my concerns to the HR Manager -  she viewed it as a matter of me “helping out” the other Company actually resulted in me doing double work for two distinct companies.

My job  was so specialised that there was no scope for any further career progression. Therefore, throughout my tenure with the organisation, I juggled work with my part-time studies to attain an Advanced Diploma and subsequently a bachelor’s degree.

So much for heeding the Government’s advice to upgrade oneself because the company that I worked for simply filed my certificates and informed me that there will be no change to the terms and conditions of my employment. I even informed HR that I was keen to take up an entry-level position in either Business Development, Client Relations/Account Services, Corporate Communications/PR or Editorial but was disappointed at being told there wasn’t any vacant positions.

But yet, within that same period, they were hiring people from India and the Philippines (some of whom are fresh grads from their respective countries’ universities with no work experience) for similar entry positions which I was keen to fill in.

To date, I couldn’t figure out why I was denied this opportunity when I am a 34-year-old Singaporean who had just received my degree from a established university in Australia.

When I joined the company, my starting gross salary as a non-polytechnic Diploma holder was $1,600 and my last drawn gross salary was $2,442.

My dad is medically unfit to work and three years ago (when I was still working) I had hired a foreign domestic worker (FDW) to take care of my home-bound dad.

Fortunately, my domestic help is very understanding and she told me that I don’t need to pay her salary during this period until I find a job. Moreover, she understands that I still have to pay the mandatory monthly foreign worker levy at the subsidised rate of $170 due to my dad’s condition.

As such, I really hope to land a job as soon as possible since I am the sole breadwinner in my family and I have been feeling more and more miserable as the days go by with not a single response from any company.



Editor’s Note: The writer was approached by one of our reader employer  to attend an interview for  a sales position.

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7 Responses to “Single male 34-year-old PMET resigned after earning only $2400 over 9 years with company”

  1. Howling Mad Murdoch says:

    Murdoch University isn’t exactly Ivy League either. It is a third tier university in Australia which would be equivalent to an unheard of university in India or China so don’t get too cocky about your degree.

  2. Daniel says:

    Hi All,

    I need help for 2 flyer distributors guys or ladies at mbs from the 10th to 12th july.
    S$10 per hour,lunch included.

    If interested,please kindly contact me at 9010 8272 or email me at

  3. Tdjong Thae Poon says:

    @Howling Mad Murdoch: If that PMET is cocky, he wouldn’t have stayed with the company for over 9 years for that ridiculous pay of $2,400 which he only got last year even after getting his degree in 2011. This goes to show that he is humble (not cocky) and unlike many of his peers who frequently job-hop, you will rarely find employees like him who will work many long years for a company. It seems that you’re the COCKY one since you definitely sounded like one. And your personal opinion is very ELITIST too! There’s no need to put others down further when they are already down. If you are a true blue born and bred Singaporean, please have a heart for your fellow Singaporeans who are disadvantaged and less privileged.

  4. Tdjong Thae Poon says:

    @Howling Mad Murdoch: Please don’t be so ignorant lah. At least Murdoch University is listed in the World University Rankings List for 2012-2013 and it is listed in the 301-350 range. Many Australian universities are also in that list.

    On the other hand, I can only find three from India and they’re all related to technology. If those FTs from India are from either of these three technological institutions that are listed in the World University Rankings List, they would be employed in the IT industry instead of the publishing industry.

  5. Low Keng Huat says:

    I think James should have gotten a job first before quitting seeing he got so many obligations. Unless he is some super saver, his kind of obligation will bankrupt him within 6 months max.

  6. Tdjong Thae Poon says:

    @Low Keng Huat: Of course, everyone would say that about James. My friends and family also say that to me when I resigned from my Sales Assistant job without getting a job first.

    I think James buay tahan already with his job. Which degree holder in their right mind would work for two companies and earn such a low salary of $2,400? Some more, he endured since last year. Wah lau eh, I definitely different from him. I resigned immediately after my Supervisor (Singapore PR from Malaysia) used the four-letter word “F**k” on me and curse my parents in Chinese. And in front of my colleagues. I “lost face” liao.

    My friends and family say I should have say sorry to my Supervisor so that I can keep my job lor. Like dat, damn Jia lat leh!!! This is the PROBLEM with Singaporeans way of thinking. Kiasu and kiasi. No sense of pride and self-respect. Expect us to kowtow and say sorry to your boss (some more who is also not your fellow countrymen) after they have bully you in the workplace, curse and yell at you and make you lose face in front of your colleagues. All for the sake of keeping your job.

    Aiyah, when you buay tahan liao with your job bcos of bullying by your boss or the company make you do work for two jobs buy pay you only one salary, then it’s time to leave. If you don’t, then you are just like one of the 60% of Singaporeans that got no backbone even after kena “con” for so many years by their bosses. Too bad ah, I not one of the (P)eople (A)ngkat (P)oliticians hor. Want to angkat for what? Do the 60% Singaporeans consider themselves guinea pigs, hamsters and rabbits? So happy after being given a few “carrots”?

  7. Australian says:

    In life, we need money for food, housing loan, children’s education etc. A job is a must regardless, at times we feel frustrated at work etc but there comes a time in life that we become mature and stop thinking of ‘I’ and start thinking from a ‘we’ perspective as we have alot of obligations and must REN! i dropped a job in the govt sector to join my family in australia and had to take up jobs such as car washer, dishwasher and factory work before getting a job in my field in a junior position. life is a roller coaster, try not to mock others as one day we may end up in the same position. Good luck fellow Singaporeans.

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