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Tuesday January 22nd 2019

Changing of Facebook Wall Pic To Promote Inaugural Labour day Protest

Dear Fellow Singaporeans,

As we are currently experiencing and suffering from the problems of the over-population, sky high property prices, delayed marriages, overloading of transport systems, many are underemployed and jobless, suffering silently with workplace discriminations.

These issues and problems will even worsen as we allow the population to grow to 6.9m. It will adversely affect our lives and our children lives.

Without unity and protests from the common folks who suffers from bad policies, we will be at the mercies of bad policies. I therefore urge you to join in our protest cum gathering this May day.

Ask your family and friends to join us in camaraderie with thousands of our fellow caring citizens, as you may have heard stories of your fellow citizens cried while singing the anthem, strangers caring for one another during the Feb protest.

Please help to do your part to spread the message by:

1.    Sharing this post on your Facebook.

2.    Changing your Facebook profile picture to the protest logo. (for help please refer to the instructions below)

3.    Invite your family and friends to our event at Hong Lim Park 4pm 1 May. Do indicate your attendance at

4.    Wear a black top on the day of the protest.


Yours truly,

Gilbert Goh

(Name the picture file “1 May Logo”)

Instructions to change profile picture

These are the instructions to change your Facebook profile picture if you need help

1      Save the file “1 May Logo” in one of your folder (e.g. Documents)

2      Go to your timeline by clicking your user name on the top right.

3      Mouse over your profile picture

4      Click on the to edit your picture

5      Choose “Upload photo”

6      Choose the file “1 May Logo” from where you save the protest logo.

7      Your profile will be changed to the protest logo.


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